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Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by UnklGus, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. UnklGus

    UnklGus Member

    I was jsut garage saling this afternoon, and came across a nice little razor.

    Gem Micromatic Open Comb (I think). This is the first in my collection that is a SE safety razor. I got caught up in the moment and decided to purchase it without thinking about how much it was. $20!! Seem like a lot, since my other DE razors were only $7.25 combined. It was the first time that I had actually found something to feed this new addiction of mine at a garage sale. I am sure that I spent to much on it, but oh well can't change the past.

    My wife was definitly not happy that I spent the same amount on one stinkin razor, as she did for her whole bag of stuff. but i digress...

    I will get pictures of this posted soon. Are these good razors? Anything that I should know before using it?

    Here are some Pictures of it...

  2. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    What kind of Micromatic did you get?Open comb,clog pruf?I really like the open comb one,its kind of aggressive and takes a little while to get used to it.The clog pruf is close(at least for me to the 1912) and not so aggressive.Both of them are great shavers and the price that you paid for it its ok(specially if the Micromatic came with its case)I hope you enjoy it.
  3. ChemErik

    ChemErik Mr. Personality

    I recently aquired a Micromatic, it's one of the low end models and cost far less. Is your Micromatic Gold, Chrome/Silver, or brass? What condition is it in?

    I'm still figuring my Micromatic out. It's different than a DE razor and I haven't figured it out enough to go ATG without irritation. OTOH, it does a decent job shaving WTG then XTG. You'll need to more or less keep the flat part of the razor on your face while shaving, not angling the handle like with a DE. I'm sure some of the single edge gurus will be around shortly to expand on this.
  4. NoobShaver

    NoobShaver BGDAAA

    micromatic open comb razors are pretty aggressive. you can get a great shave from one (I love mine) but it takes time and attention.

    SE razors shave with a different angle than a DE and the micromatics have a slightly different angle from the other SEs.

    go slow and you'll figure it out without shredding your face. I tried to shave quickly the first time I used my micromatic open comb and cut myself up pretty good. took my time the second time around and got an awesome shave.
  5. omegapd

    omegapd New Member

    I hate mine...I hope you have better luck than me. I can't figure out the angle part. The top of the razor is supposed to lay flat on your face somehow...Somebody here picked up one and took pics of the directions. Look around in the SE part and try to find that post. That'll give you a head start on what to do at least...

    Good luck!
  6. UnklGus

    UnklGus Member

    Bump. I added pictures...
  7. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    Thats an open comb Micromatic and it looks pristine.Dint get frustrate if in the first shaves with it get cut or razor burn,ts normal.That Micromatic is my favorite one and could give you the best shaves ever.
  8. UnklGus

    UnklGus Member

    One thing I forgot to mention is that In the box was also one of the original blades that had GEM in raised on the spine. I think it is an original bad at least. I am assumming that most people do not recommend using blade that are old, but is it possible to get that blade back in working order? or would I be completely foolish to attempt such things?

    Front Side

    Back Side
  9. ChemErik

    ChemErik Mr. Personality

    If the old blade is stainless, it might be OK. I wouldn't waste time trying to hone a bad blade to restore it.

    I had my best shave with a Micromatic (mine is a clog pruf model) last night. Not BBS, but very good and no irritation. I went WTG, XTG, XTG (other direction) and had the closest shave I've ever had without going ATG. I'll have to pick up some of the local GEM blades to try and see if that is what is preventing me from gonig ATG or if it's just the razor. I've actually found to get the razor to shave smoothly, I need to apply VERY LIGHT pressure, rather than no pressure like with a DE. That's why I'm thinking it might just be the razor that's preventing me from ATG.
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  10. UnklGus

    UnklGus Member

    Thats good to know. I am still fairly new to the Wetshaving world so me technique is still not down pat with the DE, so starting to use a SE ma not be the smartest thing, but oh well. I am too excited not to try it... I think I'll stop at the local drugstore and pick up some SE Gem Blades, and try out the new Gem in my collection. HaHaHa
  11. Special_K

    Special_K New Member

    Very nice find!

  12. Etoyoc

    Etoyoc Backwards

    Nice find. These have a reputation that they don't quite deserve. You need to take care and pay close attention when using, but they can reward you with an excellent shave.
  13. UnklGus

    UnklGus Member

    bump. I added pictures of the blade that came with the razor. what do you think? Does it even look to be salvageable? I thought it might be fun to learn how to restore the blade. but if it is not worth with this one then I will hold off on learning that skill.

    By the way... What is needed to restore a blade? Is it necessary to have a strop and hone?
  14. jbcohen

    jbcohen New Member

    I would not worry about the cost of the razor, I have bought some new razors that cost more than that.
  15. UnklGus

    UnklGus Member

    Well an update on how my first shave with the Gem.

    I stopped by the store and picked up some Gem by Personna blades. Loaded the the razor with a brand new blade. I took a nice hot shower then proceded on with my normal shave routine.

    I was only able to get 3 passes with the Gem before I was starting to feel the oh so annoying razor burn sensation I can recall from my Quatro days. Who could forget that! 2 passes WTG and 1 pass XTG. I was not able to go ATG at all. The angle is completely different which was difficult to get used to, but I managed. I did get a pretty decent shave out of the first go round, though nothing to brag about. I managed to get by with only a few nicks, and nothing major. So all in all no bad.

    One question that I have about buying new blades.. Where do you get other brand blades? online only? ok well thats 2 questions, oh well...
  16. Special_K

    Special_K New Member

    That sounds about right for the 1st go 'round. That particular model is pretty aggressive too. You did good!

    What store did you get your Gem's from? You can get Treet and Pal blades. I have been told that these can be found at "Dollar Stores" but that just depends on your area because I haven't had any luck. I did get them from a friend here and could send you a couple of each for you to try. Bong, superblue, just did a group buy for the Gem PTFE SE blades that you can get in bulk from Ted Pella. Link -
    You might shoot him a PM and ask if he bought any extras and if you could buy some.

    Hopefully, other SE gurus will chime in.
  17. Etoyoc

    Etoyoc Backwards

    It depends on what part of the country you are from. You can usually get GEM blue stars in Walmart. Walgreens, and CVS usually have SE blades but the stock is different depending where in the country you are. In some dollar stores and grocery stores you can find some that are marked made in Korea. Don't buy those! In my part of the country, all I find is the GEM cabon (blue), GEM stainless, and the Korean blades. Others claim to have PAL and Treet in their stores.

    Check the package careful to make sure that they are intended for shaving and not a paint scraper. There are paint scrapers that use the same shape blade but they are NOT interchangeable.

    I think the group buy just closed the other day, however, you can get a 5 pack of the Pella style GEM blades (they are made by GEM) for $1.10 from Bullgoose shaving.

    You can also order Pal, Treet, etc. from Shoe Box shaving
  18. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    Yeah,I remember that burn sensation from my first shave.Hope this tutorial could help you.I shave with my Micromatic today and a Ted Pella blade and was outstanding:

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