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    Good afternoon Gentlemen! I ask your advice regarding the blades for the razor system (construction, model) - GEM. I was so fascinated by the aspect of wet shaving that I saw an offer to sell a razor, the GEM format. And after asking the seller that the technical side of the razor is in a fully working (not damaged) condition. I purchased this razor, and only today I received a package at the post office. The question concerns the blades for this razor. Of course, I will look for an acquisition option. But in the seller’s proposal, I will only see the shape of the blade, not knowing how good my choice is, with regard to the good quality of the blades. If you have experience of shaving with such a razor, please tell me which blade manufacturers to prefer? What should I look for when buying blades? If you put a link to an online seller, it will greatly ease my desire to try this razor in shaving). Thank you.
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    Добрый день Джентльмены! Прошу вашего совета, в отношении лезвий для бритвенной системы ( конструкции, модели) - GEM. Я настолько увлёкся аспектом влажного бритья, что увидев предложение о продаже бритвы, формата GEM. И предварительно уточнив у продавца, что техническая сторона бритвы находится в полностью рабочем ( не повреждённом) состоянии. Я приобрёл эту бритву, и только сегодня получил пакет в почтовом отделении. Вопрос касается лезвий для этой бритвы. Конечно, я буду искать вариант приобретения. Но в предложении продавца, я увижу только форму лезвия, не зная, насколько хороший мой выбор, в отношении хорошего качества лезвий. Если у вас есть опыт бритья такой бритвой, подскажите пожалуйста, каким производителям лезвий отдать предпочтение? На что стоит обратить внимание при покупке лезвий? Если вы поместите ссылку на онлайн продавца, это сильно облегчит моё стремление испытать эту бритву в бритье). Спасибо.
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  2. brit

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    connaught shaving in england sells them. gem ptfe blades.. Etsy
  3. macaronus

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    :signs011: (Connaught Shaving is the store of my choice as well)

    Don't use blades from a utility store (e.g. where you would buy utensils for wood working, like chisels). They are sharp, but not shave sharp, if you get my point. ;) Raw shave to say the least. I know from first hand experience. :sad023:
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    I'll chime in for Connaught too. Best price you'll find if you buy in bulk. Here is a link to the item:

    For a quick fix it couldn't hurt to check local drugstores. Around here there are still a few that carry them. Gem brand. There are stainless steel and carbon steel varieties. The carbon steel require more care because they will rust. But some people prefer them.

    Dorco makes blades also. I have not tried them. I have not heard much good about them.

    You bought a fantastic razor by the way. You will not be disappointed.
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  5. ordinaryshaver

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    I have used the Force blades, not my first choice, but will work in a pinch.
    I am guessing you aren't in the states, if you were I'd happily send you some, as I can get them at Walgreens and CVS pharmacy.
    In regards to shaving, once you get your blades figured out, the angle of the head is easy to find, lay the head flat on your face, and rotate it down until you feel the blade.
    Heck, watch some YouTube videos and it will all come together.
    (My channel is easy to find, just ordinaryshaver, but it's not a plug, just a recommendation of a starting point .
    Also, if you are looking for more information, for your razor, as well as the others from GEM, have you checked out across the street?
    Great guys there, and also some international guys that may have .or unfo in where you can get them in your county.
    Check em out, and tell em I sent ya, I'm in with the guy that runs the place, I'll put in a good word for you.
    Also, @wchnu may have more info, he is what I guess you could call the expert in residence around here.
    Great razor, and I hope you have great shaves!
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  6. AlDm

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    Thank you Gentlemen for your feedback. This is too far from me. I will try to find in Russia. I posted a GEM blade purchase ad. If there are no offers, I will search outside of Russia. My desire is not of great urgency. Glad your feedback.

    Спасибо Джентльмены за ваши отзывы. Это слишком далеко от меня. Я попытаюсь найти в России. Я разместил объявление о покупке лезвий GEM. Если не будет предложений, буду искать за пределами России. Моё желание не имеет большой срочности. Рад вашим отзывам.
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  7. AlDm

    AlDm Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your feedback. I am in Russia. Therefore, I will look for acquisition options in Russia. With the development of new technology, I think there will be no difficulties. It is necessary to follow the classic rules of shaving, and not rush to get the perfect result. I will look for.

    Спасибо за ваш отзыв. Я нахожусь в России. Поэтому буду искать варианты приобретения в России. С освоением новой техники, я думаю не будет трудностей. Нужно следовать классическим правилам бритья, и не торопиться получить идеальный результат. Буду искать.
  8. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    I can help out there. Dorce DE blades are solid blades Love them. Dorco SE blades are trash. Worse then scrapper blades to me.
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  9. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    There are a lot of SE blades out there that are made for industrial use. They are not for shaving. I am guessing that your option will be to order some and pay postage. I know this can be a lot. If you would like to send me your address I will be happy to send some blades for you to try. I have sent blades all over the world. Russia should not be harder then Bulgaria I would think.
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  10. AlDm

    AlDm Well-Known Member

    Thank you Gentlemen! I bought it in this store. Blades are great!
    Спасибо Джентльмены! Я купил именно в этом магазине. Лезвия отличные!
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  11. macaronus

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    :happy088: Glad you like 'em!
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