Genuine Buffalo Horn Handled Shavemacs-Group Buy

Discussion in 'The Brush' started by Padron, Apr 6, 2008.


What type of Genuine Horn do you want? And shape?

Poll closed Jun 9, 2008.
  1. Blond Horn

    34 vote(s)
  2. Black Horn

    11 vote(s)
  3. Fan shape

    16 vote(s)
  4. Bulb shape

    17 vote(s)
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  1. Padron

    Padron Active Member

    Thanks Mike, they do look very nice. The prototypes I have are excellent and work great with both soaps and creams. I don't think they have lost 1 hair either ;)

    I am really looking forward to trying the fan shaped version. I hope everyone loves their Horn Shavemacs. :D's Shavemac that has hit the home runs on our last group buys...Many thanks to Shavemac! :cool:
  2. IsaacRN

    IsaacRN Active Member

    My question is....

    I have the 2007 Teardrop Shavemac Padron Group buy

    Is this going to be the 2008 Genuine Horn Handle Padron Group Buy....or the 2008.5 :p
  3. Padron

    Padron Active Member


    2008 Horn LE is easiest :)
  4. ChargerFan

    ChargerFan New Member

    No chance of anyone not liking how they turned out and selling this weekend after they receive it? If so PM me. I love the dark horn fan shape especially. I wish I was around in april for sure!
  5. Padron

    Padron Active Member

    And there off......:)

    Be looking for one of these in the mailbox soon.

  6. soulshine

    soulshine Flower Power

    Estimated delivery = 8/7. SCHWEEEET!
  7. Mr. Tadashi

    Mr. Tadashi New Member

    ETA : 8/7 Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. johnniegold

    johnniegold New Member

    Congratulations to Neale for an outstanding job (as usual ;)).

    As they sometimes do in hockey playoffs, I have not shaved since I ordered this brush until the final goal has been reached.

    Thankfully, according to fedex, I will be shaving tomorrow. :D

    Interestingly enough. The date that the brush is set to arrive is:


    Thanks again to everyone who worked so hard on making this brush a reality.
  9. IsaacRN

    IsaacRN Active Member

    BIG +1 to that...

    Huzzuh for Neal and Bernd
  10. Padron

    Padron Active Member

    Thanks to everyone!! :)

    Shavemac wanted to wish a BIG THANK YOU to all as well :happy005

    You guys made what could have been a headache into a pleasure :D Thanks to everyone for being so cool about the delays :cool:

    I hope you all love the brushes and look forward to seeing the photos ;)
  11. soulshine

    soulshine Flower Power

    Has arrived at my local terminal. With any luck it should be at home when I get back from work.
  12. IsaacRN

    IsaacRN Active Member

    I will have to wait till monday for mine. The apt complex office is never open when i come home from work :(
  13. jnich67

    jnich67 Member

    Mine is in Newburgh, NY as of 8:16 this morning. I can't imagine how they are going to get it down to me in two hours.....:eek:

  14. johnniegold

    johnniegold New Member

    Good News, Bad News

    The good news is:

    If you ordered this great-looking brush, along with a brush stand and 3 sticks of Speick Shaving soap. Your package has been delivered.

    The bad news is:

    It was delivered to my house instead of yours.


    Now... Who has my monogrammed brush with no logo on it? :eek:
  15. soulshine

    soulshine Flower Power

    Oh no...I'll check my package when I get home. :eek: :eek:
  16. Padron

    Padron Active Member

    Very sorry to hear of this Bob, let me know if I can be of any assistance. I can contact all the group buy members if needed ;)

  17. Padron

    Padron Active Member


    I know some of you did not receive your FedEx tracking numbers. If the brush has not arrived TODAY at your shipping location, please call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339. Provide the customer service rep with your shipping address and advise them the package was shipped from Germany to you Overnight Priority mail.

    They should be able to provide you with the location of the package, they will not provide the tracking number for security purposes. They will advise when the package will be available for pickup at your local FedEx depot if you wish to pick it up, otherwise they will attempt to re-deliver the package on the next business day.

    Please PM or e-mail me if I can be of any assistance.

  18. xChris

    xChris Member

    Mine shows that it's in Memphis with a "Detail" desciption: package available for clearance. I wonder if that means it's ready for Fish & Wildlife to see it, or if it's ready to continue on to me? :signs002

    So, tomorrow at earliest for me to get my hands on my two new brushes. [tick-tock tick-tock] :D
  19. Churchill

    Churchill New Member

    Received mine in the mail today.Thanks for all the great work Neale!The
    brush is a beautiful specimen of badger hair!
    Bob,I know we have the same first name,but unless we also have the same last name I don't have your brush.:D
  20. soulshine

    soulshine Flower Power

    The correct package was picked up by me at the FedEx building - sorry...3rd guy named "Bob" to order this. My picture taking skills are lacking and can no way capture how wonderful the brush really is. Thanks again for putting the group buy together!






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