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Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by UnklGus, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. UnklGus

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    After about three weeks of shaving with my Merkur 38 c HD and a feather blade, I decided to mix it up a little.

    I shifted gears a little with the razor using the Gillette OC NEW. I changed the blade as well. From the Feather to the Derby.

    My preshave oil that I have been using is that Shave Secret stuff. Not really that impressed with it, so if you have any alternative idea's please let me know where to get it or how to make it. thanks...

    After a nice hot shower, I proceded to do my normal shave routine with the above changes. 4 total passes. first two WTG. third XTG forth ATG.

    The end product was a very nive smooth shave that I have attained for the very first time! WAA HOO!! I can't wait to try this set up again. Unfortunatly I usually need to wait at least 2 days between shaves.....
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  3. Shep

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    Good man and congrats! Never been one to use shave oil myself. Seems like it would needlessly gunk up the razor.

    Anyway if you're waiting two days between shaves because you need the time to heal then you may look at lightening up on the pressure. Don't press down so hard in other words. Also take a look at the water situation. Your face needs to be nice and hydrated to avoid skips and drags. I have recently switched from the every other day shave myself, and what I notice is the shave is much easier and BBS is accomplished in far fewer passes.

    Good show.
  4. AgentQRJB

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    Nice job!
    I have to wait at least three weeks between shaves!
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    I have to wait the two days in order to have enough stuble to shave. My facial hair grows rather slowly

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