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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by BBS, Mar 4, 2023.

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    There is more money to be made from the cheapskates than there is from the low lying trees, Lot more cheapskates than easy marks, just takes more work to get those nickels. That sums up most these "Artisan" operations which are nothing more than quick cash grabs.
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    True, but look at Wolfman...
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    Eighth shave - Left, Heritage Gibbs adjustment nut set at 5 1/2. Right OG Gibbs adjustment nut set at 5 1/2, adjust springs swapped.

    First off swapping the springs didn't affect how each shaved but it made a major difference it how it shaved at these settings for each. Both sides were the best yet and for a perfect BBS finish the Gibbs nailed and them some at this setting even better than the prior shave with the original spring set at 5 1/2. The Heritage was right there too but just a touch short of equaling the Gibbs with just a tiny amount of stubble feel on the ATG hand rub but overall much better than the prior shave set at 6 with the original spring.
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    I never considered that the age of the spring with losing tension would affect the gap on a setting, but it makes sense. It probably explains why people have different opinions on some adjustables at the same setting.
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    Final thoughts.

    The Heritage is a great razor for the price and worthy contender to go against one of the greats it is patterned after, the OG Gibbs adjustable. The Heritage for a milder razor is super efficient and can go toe to toe with much higher heavyweight offerings' like the Rex Ambassador with the difference between the shave experience. With that said the OG Gibbs still takes the crown because of the less blade feel and tug for the same mildness producing a closer shave. The Heritage though is a worthy 2nd option if modifying blades, vintage razors or the current price tag on a Gibbs is not your thing. If you have or plan to get a Heritage changing out the spring for a less stiff spring will improve the closeness of the shave at the lower dial settings without impacting performance otherwise.
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    I just went to the Heritage site and was greeted with a big, obnoxious OUT OF STOCK.:angry032:

    Not that I plan to buy one.
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    Bonus shave - Gibbs click pen adjustable aka OG Gibbs the second generation set at 5 1/2.

    Since I recently acquired the much rarier Gibbs ref No5 one piece adjustable that doesn't take modified blades figured I might as well add a comparison. So is it just an updated version of the older Gibbs adjustable. The short answer is no. It has more blade feel like the Heritage but sings when cutting unlike the other 2. The Heritage and OG Gibbs are milder with better efficiency. OG Gibbs the second generation is still towards the mild side but is more aggressive and less efficient. End result it is an almost perfect BBS shave, no hair feel on the hand across the face except ATG under the jawline. Shave is in the same ball park as the Heritage but the Heritage is still less stubbly. End result if I had to choose, the Heritage gets the nod over the Gibbs click pen adjustable. Though a Gibbs it is not the Gibbs shave experience that is so well regarded. With that said if one comes up for sale and you collect, buy it if the price is reasonable since they are a unicorn razor like the Personna Micrometric and you may not see one for sale again for a long time.

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