Gillette Adjustable Settings... which do you use?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Ishouldbeking, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Ishouldbeking

    Ishouldbeking Member

    I've got a '67 Slim that I've been giving some love lately, but I'm still exploring the settings as its my first adjustable. So far I've been enjoying it mostly set to 3, though 5 seems to work if I have heavier stubble, and I like to do my 2nd and 3rd passes on progressively lower settings, I've found.

    Out of curiosity, how do you folks like to set yours, and why? And does anyone really shave on 9?
  2. Straight Arrow

    Straight Arrow Active Member

    3 on the cheeks.
    1 on the 'stache and chin
    2 for a second pass on the 'stache and chin.

    DFS accomplished.
  3. ChemErik

    ChemErik Mr. Personality

    I can shave on any setting, but on a slim, 3 works best for my face and 2 for my head. Add one to each and that's what I use on a Fatboy.
  4. Hairy Alaskan

    Hairy Alaskan eww da toilet

    Just got one of these on eBay last night. Looking forward to trying it out.
  5. TomPike

    TomPike Active Member

    I love my Slim. It's always set on 3.
  6. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Fatboy and Slim at 6 for the past year, although the last shave with each has been an experiment at 7. So far it's working.
  7. chaucer

    chaucer New Member

    I use 4 all over. I tried 5, but it's too much for me.
  8. Dulouz

    Dulouz Active Member

    I have a Long-handled Super Adjustable. Generally, I keep it at 3 or 5. Mostly 5.

    Once, I accidentally used it on 9 without realizing it. No damage and a good shave. I might try it on purpose tomorrow.
  9. TheCopperHat

    TheCopperHat Member

    I've been experimenting with my 67 slim for a little bit between my straight razor shaves and found 4-6 to be my area, I usually use a stick shick se whick is pretty aggressive and love it. Definatley gotta agree the adjustable is a design marvel in comparisson to what's out there now a days.
  10. RacerX

    RacerX New Member

    with a Gillette Fatboy.

    I have always used 3 for the first 2 shaves, then the next 2-3 of the blades life I kick it up a notch. I.E. 3rd shave set at 4, 4th at 5 etc.

    it's worked for me for over 30 years. if anyone has a good alternative I would love to try it out.
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  11. Stroker

    Stroker Well-Known Member

    +1 I use 4 on the slim and the fat boy. No worries!
  12. Gambrinus

    Gambrinus Member

    I have mine set on 5. Slim is my go to razor. I like my Goodwill, but the handle is a little too small.
  13. TimV

    TimV Member

    I set mine at 2 as that provided me with good consistent shaves and have left it there.
  14. wazazzle

    wazazzle New Member

    I used settings 3 wtg, 5 xtg, and 7 atg,
  15. Sargon

    Sargon Well-Known Member

    generally set my slim to 6 when I sue it. I'll set it to 3 when i dual razor, sometimes ( using my slim on a lower setting for my wtg and xtg then finishing up with a merkur slant and a feather for my atg. )
  16. CatMan

    CatMan Member

    I used setting "1" on all my adjustables, and finally got always a BBS in one single pass ATG. It became boring for me, so I went back to straights. I like the challenge!
    IMHO, if you can't get a decent shave on "1", you didn't get the angle right. But this, of course, is only my personal opinion. :cool:
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  17. Hairy Alaskan

    Hairy Alaskan eww da toilet

    Had my first shave with the Slim. Would have been great other than the bum blade I used.

    I tried a Zorrick blade that turned out to be malformed. I was afraid it was the Slim but the blade size difference was very noticeable in my Super Speed.

    Can't wait until tomorrow when I can try it again with a different blade.
  18. Hairy Alaskan

    Hairy Alaskan eww da toilet

    So I used a red Personna tonight with the setting at 3 for the first WTG and XTG passes. Switched to 2 for the ATG pass and got one of the best shaves in over 6 months. I think the Slim is a keeper.
  19. wyatt46

    wyatt46 Well-Known Member

    Gillette Slim Adjustable L2.
    Always set on 9, I like the Derby Extra's or Dorco's.
    When I am not using my slim I change up between SS Flair Tip and my Merkur.
    Have a 69 Gillette Black handled SS coming this week , Hoping this delivers a good shave.
  20. otherstar

    otherstar Rodney Dangerfield of TSD

    I've got a Slim that I leave set at 3, sometimes 4. It's a great shaver!

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