Gillette Aristocrat buying guidance and advice for a new DE razor user.

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by CarlosStuff, Nov 9, 2020.

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    yes ,possible as well.:)
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    The vinegar thing is not a conventional wisdom thing, it is something I stumbled on by accident though I doubt I am the first person to ever try it for this purpose.

    Those Dorco blades may not be that sharp, if after a week or so of using them as you get used to using the razor if they don't perform consider switching up to a sharper blade.

    On your brush depending the bristle will effect how it builds lather. If it is a boar brush I'd suggest also getting a badger hair brush or vice versa and try both to see what you like. You can find cheap badger brushes on amazon in the $10 - $20 range.

    On the oil, shower thing, I'd start with hot water washing your face or shower before shaving. You can work in a shave oil later on once you get your basic prep down. I wouldn't suggest shaving a dry face even with oil. You want to soften up the skin first even if only with a hot towel.

    I'd also suggest shaving with cold water instead of hot after prepping your face. Try it both ways and see what you prefer. If you go to the brotherhood section you'll find there are quite a few people here who are cold water shavers. When I mean cold not put the water in the fridge cold but whatever temp it is out of the faucet.

    The type of water can affect how shave goes i.e. is your water too hard or soft it can also affect how your shave soap lathers also. If you want to test that try shaving with distilled water then using your faucet water the next day.
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    Dorco Prime
    Dorco SS
    Gillette Super Thin Mejorada
    Persona Platinium red box (seems to be available mostly trough internet stores, Israel made blade package from Mexico)
    Lord SS
    Lord Classic
    Derby Extra
    Derby Premium
    BIC chromium (only 1 seller with 2 boxes)
    Laser Super platinum

    Those are the DE blades that i can buy here in Mexico without the need to import or buy from another country. Haven't tried any of those blades, maybe only the Gillete super thin mejorada because it is the blade that my friend use in his razors and i have practiced a little with those, but never a full shave. From what i have read here and other forums, it seems the Persona platinum red is a good one.
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    I use Bic Chrome Platinum blades myself and would suggest getting a box to try. I can't comment on the others except for the Dorco SS which I've used in the past. The Personna Platinum Israeli blades also have a reputation for being a very sharp blade but I couldn't say for sure. Usually wet shavers when they find a blade they like they usually buy them by the 100 pack if not more. If you decide DE wet shaving is your thing that will be the most economical way to go even if you have to import the blades in.

    Since you are in Mexico you might be able to get a locally made horse hair shaving brush. If not I'd guess you should be able to find Spanish made Vie Long brushes locally. They are a pretty good compromise between badger and boar but can stink badly until you wash the horse smell out of the hairs.

    One last thing as far as international you might want to try . The have online storefronts in major countries throughout Central and South America. They are like the ebay of Central and South America. If the shipping is cheap enough that is another option. The Brazilian site is good for vintage Brazilian made Gillette razors like the Monotech, Aristocrat and Goodwill varieties same with the Argentinian site.
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    I'd also recommend checking out

    They ship worldwide and prices are competitive in most cases with the same items when you buy locally even after factoring in the international shipping. Site would be a good reference to check blades you can buying locally against their prices. Even when they aren't if you wait you can sometimes catch an exchange rate change that drops the prices a lot before local pricing catches up.
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    IT's HERE!!

    126233498_10158727376189463_4493725734233498233_n.jpg 126090054_10158727376069463_6218204895798659134_n.jpg

    Also, bought a pack of 100 Astra SP blade, tose should be arriving tomorrow, those blades i think should be good enough to learn and master my ability with the razor, also from Amazon a sample pack of blades, sss.JPG , just to have those blades in hand when the moment of experiencing with other blades arrive, it almost contains everything that i would want to tr, the price was fair and the shipment free with my prime account.
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    That is a good cross section of blades in that sampler. Hopefully you like those Astra blades. If you get at least 6 shaves out of the blades that is almost 2 years of daily shaving in that 100 pack.
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    Razor looks good from the photos, did you clean it up first or is that how it arrived?

    Before you use it you might want make sure everything is good mechanically. Doors open and close and are tight and even when closed. If they are loose it will cause the blade to chatter which makes the razor more harsh than it is supposed to be. Most times it is an easy fix, find what is out of line and gently bend it back until it is fixed. If it has a tight open and close a good soaking usually frees it up. Keep in mind with gold plate don't use anything harsh to clean it or soak in boiling water. It will take off the plating. Toothbrush and hot but not near boiling using washing liquid aka dish soap is all you need for a razor like that. If you want to lubricate the threads in the handle use mineral oil.
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    I haven't done anything, the razor looks much better that what it looks from the photos that the seller send first, the gold plate shines a lot more. Seems it only needs a little of oil, doors open and close fine but i feel a little of resistance and it sounds the mechanism needs some sub. I am vert satisfied with my purchase. For a 60 + years razor I think it's fine.

    Is there any other kind of oil that i can use as alternative?

    Also, my Arko soap arrived. I like the smell, i think that is a win haha, reminds me a lot of the smell from a very popular soap in Mexico. 126399066_664513337576378_1217877742382091510_n.jpg
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    Baby oil if you can get that in your local store(s).
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    Baby oil was what i found yesterday, 2 drops and the mechanism is running like a charm. Blades arrived!

    125550543_10158729632359463_3412249530075799114_n.jpg 125982956_10158729632294463_3291295944907629737_n.jpg 125969099_10158729632454463_4670410817571049218_n.jpg

    But...sadly Amazon delayed the second part of my order one more day, Buen Fin week, like black friday but in only Mexico so lots of orders are still in transit.
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    When you do go through that arko soap, save the container. They are good to use with thing like sample size soaps to lather with. Save you buying a shave bowl also for hard soaps if you decide to try some later on like Williams Mug soap or Van Der Hagen. Coffee mug also works well in place of a shave bowl.
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    Thank you for all the advice. I have been shaving since last Friday night, not gonna lie, first time it took me a little of time and more than 3 passes hahah, but still much better than any disposable that i tried before :bounce017:

    Today i shaved with 3 passes 8/10,no BBS, but by miles the best shave I've ever had in my life :love029:

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    Regardless of what you read unless you have super thin fine hair you won't get a BBS finish in a single WTG (with the grain) shave pass. For me personally, it takes 5 passes to get a BBS finish doesn't matter the blade or razor either.
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    you must have thick whiskers..bbs in 1-3 depending on which gillette used..thank you..
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    I have a face that shaves razors. The tautness of the skin also plays a part. You could shave down to almost the folicle and if your skin tightens up enough afterwards you'll still have stubble where as someone else may not.
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    That Aristocrat in my opinion is a great razor. You have a first gen aristocrat, because it doesn't have the hook for pulling the blade from the blade dispenser. It's from 1946-47.

    Try different blades, that makes a huge difference =) Bic blades have a nice sharpness.

    Edit: sorry for repeating info, other users already told you the probable year.
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