Gillette is best. YMMV

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    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the G.E. Jones Shake Sharp razor. It's a GEM with choice.

    Rather, it's a Gem style razor from the late 1940's - early 1950's that uses DE blades. The built in sharpening system is ineffective with modern stainless blades, but does make a useful lather ejector. The metal version is milder than the bakelite and metal version, which is a favorite of head shavers. It's actually one of the better razor designs out there.
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    As you know, my favorite razor of any type.

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    I am intrigued by 3D printed razors and have found someone to print out five or six of the more popular ones. I have also been using a lot of GEMs anyway so it won't be something new but I'm definitely curious how they perform.

    This has absolutely been my experience as well. I have one spot along my jawline under my chin that I normally need to go over numerous times with a DE razor. That same spot is usually tamed in one pass with a GEM blade. Even injectors take a bit of extra work so it's not just the stiffer blade.
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