Gillette Pocket Editions and previously unknown Autostrop

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    Here is a catalog ad from 1910 showing all the types of Gillette Pocket Edition sets and what looks to be a previously undocumented type of Autostrop. It is an A model but has a floral style handle like the Gillette Pocket Editions. Unless this is something different this razor was a one piece made for these sets. If we go in order of production this razor technically should be designated as an A2 and the Autostrop currently designated as an A2 as an A3 instead.

    catalog1910a.jpg catalog1910b.jpg
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    That embossed Autostrop set looks to be their answer to the Gillette Pocket Editions.
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    I have seen catalogue pages that included Combination Sets that seemed identical to the No. 00 that incorporated a GEM instead of a Single Ring or other Gillette. I want to say I also saw one with a Autostrop(Not Valet) too.
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    Here you go on the Auto-Strop Combination Set


    Even as late as the 1930's(These are English, being sold in Sydney)

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