Gillette rocket identification and value

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by BL55YJS, Jun 18, 2020.

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    Hi guys, a razor has come into my possession and I believe it to be a Gillette rocket HD 500. It really is in pristine condition, as is the box, and it is complete with original blade dispenser (with blades) and also with its instruction leaflet. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some more info on this razor and also what it may be worth in the condition that it is in.
    Please find below a link to an imgur folder with a few photos in it

    Many thanks!

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    As of this post, it's worth about $80 to a user. For a collector, who actually cares about the case, blades and instructions, they might go higher. Cases and accessories add about $30 to the value.

    A fair selling price on eBay would probably be about $100, maybe even up to $130-150 if you get real lucky.

    I would open up the blade dispenser and check the dates on the blades, if those are the blades that came with the razor originally, getting a precise date code ups the value significantly, at least to a person looking for a birth year razor.
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  3. brit

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    fine of gillette's best ,imo..
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    Perfect, thanks for the help! Judging from that thread you linked, I believe it may be a 1953/4 due to the fact that it still says patent pending inside the top of the blade loading tray?


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    have a look at the date code on the blade. The Dispenser with 6 Blue blades comes original with this set.
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    Apologies for the slow reply - I’ve opened up the blade pack and as suspected, all 6 blades are present. The blades them self say on one side “blue Gillette blade A2 made in England” and on the other side “registered trademark Gillette known the world over” with “British patent no.646972” written underneath. Are any of these relevant to the date?
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    2nd quarter of 1955.
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