Gillette Rocket, the refined DE.

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by MTgrayling, Dec 1, 2008.

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    We have scrubbing bubbles. :) That, followed by a five minute soak in Barbicide, usually turns any soap scum and verdigris covered razor into a pristine object d'art.
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  2. Ryan B

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    I think I'm about joining the Rocket club...
  3. TarheelFXR

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    Mine is a '58 and I swear I think that it is Rhodium but not a TV. Razor Rocket 58.jpg

    I joined to say a thanks to Rocket Man for this post.

  4. Ed Meyer

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    Not a TV, the knurling on the handle has the checkered pattern whereas the actual TV razors exist without the checker pattern. (Hope I am not lying to you about this, but from what I know, this is a distinguishing feature of the TV's).
  5. TarheelFXR

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    No, it is a regulation Rocket, but I think that it may be Rhodium plated like a TV--it is so shiny and more silver than my nickel plated razors.;)
  6. Ryan B

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    It looks like a Flare Tip Rocket. Whatever it is, I like it.
  7. Dws2112

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    Very nice write up
  8. PatrickA51

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    Thank you for taking the time and effort to research and write up this review, very informative.
  9. flettaloff

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    I got one it says BRIT PAT 430,030 on the back!
    When was it produced?
    Does anyone know something about it?
  10. Dridecker

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    Looking at your posted pictures and description, I believe you have the Rocket listed as #5 in the original post.

    Cross referencing that with Mr. Razor's website my best guess would be a 1949 Aristocrat Jr.
  11. TheStyx

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    Hi everybody.
    I am a new member from Sweden that just joined after having read this this thread. I really enjoyed learning a bit more about my razors and I am sure you can appreciate with which joy I found that one of my (what I thought) ordinary Super speeds actually was a rhodium plated TV Rocket. It has all the markings described and the correct Brit. Pat. 694093 in the blade tray. It's shinier than the others too.

    As an extra bonus it came in a way cool leather case complete with containers for soap, toothbrush and a clothes brush. The kit also contains a comb, a mirror and a pair of scissors.

    This really made my day.

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  12. jkarp_53

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    What a great find. That set is beautiful, congrats!
  13. TheStyx

    TheStyx Active Member

    Thank you very much jkarp_53. I was very pleased with it before I read this thread but now I am even more pleased since it seems to be a rather uncommon razor. Something to be proud of.
  14. blk05crew

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    Very cool razor and kit! Welcome!
  15. jkarp_53

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    You're welcome! It's one thing to find a razor like that, another to find that set. I can't tell if that's how it (the whole kit) came, but what a find and welcome!:signs021:

  16. TheStyx

    TheStyx Active Member

    To be honest I have no clue if that's how it came. I bought it like that from a guy who had got it from his now dead grandfather. I really hope this is the way it came though.

    Thanks for the welcomes guys. Much appreciated.
  17. yomuppet

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    This is a seriously awesome post. Extremely well done
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  18. allclownsareevil

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    Right so I have a question for collectors out there. I have the razor above and I'd say it's in pretty good condition .... only it's precisely because of the condition it's in that I so rarely use it. It's sat in it's box for over 12 months now and I still find myself reaching for my Gillette Slim instead of my Rocket HDs or the Aristocrat. So my question is, what would you guys do?

    On one hand, I don't really collect razors any longer, whilst on the other hand it's a really nice example and I appreciate the engineering that must have gone into it ... but it just seems a waste to keep it in a box, in a drawer. I'm the same with my cars in the past and my current watch. They're nice things to own, but keeping them locked away somewhere just seems wasteful, surely these things are supposed to be used and appreciated?

    I'm seriously considering throwing it on a well known auction site
  19. awa54

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    I am years late to this thread, but thought that it was worth posting to, since it seems to still be rolling along nicely... I recently caught Rocket fever, after getting a Gold Rocket and discovering that they really do give a better shave and better feel in the hand than the US versions (at least for me and with the blades I have tried).

    I just got a flare tip Rocket (the "regular" version) and thought I should add a data point to the great knowledge that has been on show in this thread; this razor has the A mark under the head, but definitely possesses the older type pointed/solid end bars and has the same head profile as the older Rockets which feature the "II" stamp. This razor also has a shinier finish than my comparable US made Gillette razors and almost looks like chrome or rhodium, maybe this one just had an easy life, maybe the claim that the UK razors have better plating explains it...
  20. Scottw

    Scottw New Member

    Hi everyone ......

    I found this site while trying to figure out the year of a Rocket passed down through 3 generations - like a lot of the others, it was my grandfather's. This thread came up in Google so I registered.

    In the very first post the OP has image linked this picture >>>


    This is 100% identical to mine .....

    But here is the challenge. The OP says the patent # will be listed on the tray where the Rocket sits. It is not. It's also not anywhere on the razor itself on anywhere at all.

    So .... if I list everything that is says - and where it says it, is there a guru on here that can guess to it's year? I see the OP has not logged in here for many months.


    On the outside bottom of the tray is says ......

    Razor Made in England
    Blades Made in Canada
    Blade dispenser - patented 1944
    <Gillette Logo>
    Trade Marks Registered - Marcas Registratus
    Gillette Safety Razor Co. of Canada Ltd.
    Montreal Canada

    On the razor itself ...... under where the blade sits it only shows "Patent Pending"

    On the back of the razor it shows "Gillette logo" - and "Made in England".

    The blade shows Patented 1935

    The blue blade case also does not list a patent #. Just stuff like Patent Pending and Made in Canada.

    So basically it says patented all over it but does not list an actual number.

    The entire unit is in mint mint condition. Unfortunately there is only 1 never used blade left.

    Can anyone help? I would very much appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.


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