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    This thread is a summary of key additions and removal of these items from the market for sale. Dates are approximate. I am not including source materials that back these dates up because frankly I am too lazy to do the editing needed right now but the dates can be independently verified using a source like

    In the beginning the first instances of injectors (blades only) and Techmatic razors happens in 1964. The Techmatic razors were only sold in a trial market in Buffalo, NY before being sold nationally in 1965. Techmatic razors enjoyed a suprisingly long run from 1965 - 1984 and by mail order only in 1985-??.

    The Gillette injector blades in their various incarnations sold from 1964 - 1984 with them and Schick introducing Twin injector blades in 1973. The introduction of the Trac II twin injector blades coincides with Gillette introducing their first injector razor. From 1973 - 1975 the razor was branded as a Trac II twin injector, from 1975 - 1980 it was branded as a Twinjector.
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    Veddy nice and timely...

    Love to see a techmatic for dummies.
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    I'm surprised, shocked, that the Techmatic was around that long give how badly they (are said to) shave.
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    2 razor variants to add. First are the Lady Techmatics which I didn't mention. They produced these between 1971 and 1976.
    The second variant is a vibrating electric version of the Techmatic called an Orbitor 4000, these were also produced between 1971 and 1976.
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    Full page adverts as attachments

    First instance of the Lady Techmatic in 1971

    Last instance of the Lady Techmatic in 1976

    First instance of the Orbitor 4000 in 1971

    Last instance of the Orbitor 4000 in 1976

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    The cartridges for the Techmatics came in 2 major configurations, non adjustable and adjustable bands. The non adjustable bands were sold between 1965 - 1968 and adjustable bands from 1968 - 1988/89. The shave head geometry would have also been altered when they switched over so both cartridges should shave differently regardless of handle used.

    Full page ads as seperate attachments.

    Non adjustable band cartridges sold from 1965 - 1968

    advert from 1967

    last instance early 1968

    adjustable band cartridges sold from 1968 - 1984

    first instance in 1968

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    Article from 1965 talking about the upcoming introduction of the Techmatic razor by Gillette.

    One of the first instances of it formally for sale by a retailer about 1 month later.

    Last instance being sold by a retailer in 1984

    Article about the Techmatic still being available through mail order in 1985
    Full page article as seperate attachment.

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    Gillette injector razors

    First instances of the razor branded as a Trac II twin injector and twin blades in 1973

    Brand name change to Twinjector in 1975

    Last instance in 1980

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    Update. I corrected some information in the first post and added a bunch of new timelines and models not mentioned like the Lady Techmatics and Orbitor 4000.
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    As noted in another thread, when I worked at Osco Drugs in 1988-89, there were still band razor refills available for sale, and I believe they were Gillette. I was actually able to buy a Wilkinson Bonded razor and cartridges when I worked there at that time.
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    Information updated concerning the band cartridges. Thanks for chiming in with that.

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