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    This is probably a long shot but is there anything out there that is like the discontinued Goodfella razor?

    I've been using one for years and I think it's the very slim profile of the head that has me hooked on this shaver as it allows me to manipulate the blade angle to suit different areas of my face and neck. Obviously it wasn't well enough received otherwise they probably wouldn't be out of business but it's, by far, my favorite shaver. I was looking to buy a spare a little while back having no idea that they had been discontinued for a good while.

    Anything else out there like it?
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    I do not own one so I found a picture of the razor so other could see what you are hunting. It is a nice looking razor but the head reminds me a Gillette old type. Others with more knowledge than me I am sure will chime in.
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    The head looks similar to the RazoRock Old type or perhaps the Merkur 15c

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