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    Now I don't drink much.
    My stores of alcohol are large because they are years old...And every time I go to cook something requiring a booze of some kind I forget what I have. So spending a lot on something other than scotch (the only expensive kind I drink) isn't in my usual habit.

    So I'm needing some Grand Marnier for an up and coming dessert.
    I'm trying it out now in some tea...And it's awesome.

    Here's the recipe:
    1 fifth of inexpensive cognac or brandy (Christian Brothers)
    4 oranges
    1/3-1/2 cup of sugar

    Take a vegetable peeler to the washed oranges and peel off the color from them. Try to keep the peelings in as long/large as possible. Put the peelings in a quart mason jar or something else suitable. Pour the brandy and half the sugar over the peelings. Seal up tight and give it a shake till all sugar is dissolved. Eat or juice the rest of the oranges.

    About once a day shake the jar for three weeks. Strain out the peelings and add the rest of the sugar.

    I've found that this actually tastes better than the expensive Grand Marnier. It costs a lot less but has a better flavor and smoothness than the actual name brand product.
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