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    Today my entire morning routine was just... 'off'... It all started when I awoke to the sound of my alarm at 5:30. This was 'off' from 'normal' in that when my alarm went off, I was actually able to lift my head off the pillow, look at the time, and reach my arm up to hit the snooze! (Usually, I don't even look at the clock and just smack randomly until it stops buzzing...) When the snooze sounded I got up, out of bed, and felt refreshed and awake. It was only then that I realized that I'd slept through the night (we have a 7-month old baby) for the first time in at least 3 weeks! No wonder I was able to get up! I thought, boy this is going to be a GREAT day!

    When I opened the shower door to towel off, it felt like an arctic breeze blew through the bathroom. My hair was wet and cold, my face was cold, my feet were cold; every drop of water on my body chilled considerably the instant I opened the door. No problem I though, while my brush soaks I'll just apply a hot wash cloth to make sure my pores are opened and ready for a shave!

    I filled the sink and my lather bowl with steamy-hot water like always, and prepped for my shave. Squeezed a dallup of Bigelow shave cream into the bottom of my bowl, gave my brush a quick shake, and away we went! I immediately noticed something was, again, 'off'. It just wasn't foaming up at all. This is my 3rd day using the bigelow and I'd been shocked at how easily it laters up until this morning. So I give it a few drops of water, swirl the brush... nothing. Few more drops.... still nothing... few more drops... ahh, there it comes! A little foam/lather started forming around the edges of the bowl... Now, keep working it, adding water a few drops at a time, and in a few minutes I had what looked like a decent lather.

    I moved the brush to my face and started applying the lather. I'd gotten about halfway done my right cheek when I something suddenly changed. I didn't immediately figure it out, so I kept lathering on to the other cheek. By the time I'd finished my face the lather was quite dry and thin on my face. So I went back to the bowl with a bit more water and kept working it... swirl, drip drop drip, swirl, drip drop drip, over and over again until...

    Oh NO! I still have a lather on my face, I'd better see how that's holding up... Checked it, and it seemed ok, so I started with the razor for my WTG pass... a little pulling/scraping but overall not nearly as bad as I'd feared. The lather had most definitely dried out though! So, back to the bowl and working on a better lather for my 2nd pass... swirl, water drops, swirl, water drops... on and on and on it went...

    FINALLY, after adding about 13 gallons of water to my bowl I had what looked like a decent lather... wet my face quickly... OH NO!!!! The water in my sink was downright COOL... not even luke warm, it was cool to the touch! My razor had been sitting in this water to 'stay warm'!?! So, I drain the sink, let the water run to get hot, heat the razor back up, and apply the lather to my face for my 2nd pass XTG. This time the lather retained its moisture through 3/4 of the 2nd cheek before starting to dry out.

    I shave immediately (learned my lesson from the first pass!), and go back to working that lather... add a bit more water, and decide to just finish the shave and call it done. Lather up, shave ATG, and rinse everything out good. Splash my face with warm water (seems that's the best I'm able to get this morning), the cold water, then apply aftershave gel, and get dressed!

    This morning truly went from 'today is going to be a GREAT day' to 'well, there's always tomorrow...' in a matter of 25 minutes! Anyone else ever just have one of those 'off' mornings when things 'should' go so right?
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    On the plus side thats kinda thing you need to stop you taking a good shave for granted:) ie it will now make you good shave feel even better;), And yes I sometimes have days that start bad for no real reason.
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    I hate it when the day starts off on the wrong foot and nothing is going right.
  4. tomnat

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    that's a bummer, man. And the awful thing is that sometimes it doesn't even take 25 minutes to go from good to bad.
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    When your day goes down the tubes like that maybe you should say to heck with this day stay home and drink coffee, It might not be save outdoors.

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