Happy Easter and Holi to everyone.

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    Happy Easter Holiday and Holi to everyone.

    for those that dont know what Holi is its a big fest celebrated by Hindus to celebrate the start of Spring where the flowers will start to grow , the world will become more coloured (flowers start to grow) and thats why they spray and throw with colours at everyone.



    Right Spring has started right ? well not for me I just shot this picture 5 minutes ago how my Car looks at the moment.

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    Happy Easter and Holi!

    Nice snow, Rene. ;)
  3. Padron

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    Happy Easter and Holi everyone!

    Too funny, it snowed here last night as well :cool:
  4. magic

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    Happy Easter to you & good health to everybody
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    Happy easter, everybody!
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    Hope all had a great one

    Hi hope all had a great easter :happy088

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