Has shaving ever become boring for you?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by Engblom, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

    It was boring for most of my life. It only got interesting when I went old-school.
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  2. brit

    brit Well-Known Member

    since i started participating in the 30 day focus it has been a lot more interesting, and back down the rabbit holes i go...
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  3. Preacher

    Preacher Well-Known Member

    What is the 30-day focus?
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  4. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

    Yes, though it seems counterintuitive, that sticking with a razor for a month would make it more interesting, but it does. :D

    It seems to sharpens the eye and the performance of the razor. ;)
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  5. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

  6. brit

    brit Well-Known Member

    also more in depth reviews of products etc..
  7. Lord Gillette

    Lord Gillette Active Member

    Wet shaving? Never have been boring at all!
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  8. oldjoe

    oldjoe Well-Known Member

    Yes, shaving has always been boring to me. IT is a chore and as a man a chore that must be performed. No beard pleas I tried it and I hated it. I also don't like the looks of a beard on others. Makes me itch and also makes me think beard people are "Dirty". Argue and fault me if you will. But still, shaving is very boring. And, so for more years than I care to admit I have looked for some sort of device that would get the job done without much Time, pain and suffering. All the way from Electric razor (a Schick), DE razor, SE razor To Rolls razor to cartridge razor and now back to DE razor and SE razor. It's still really really a bore! So, today the easiest, least bloody, least skin trouble causing method I am still searching for. And, yes I am still searching. It's all trouble!!! For you who claim you have found shaving Nirvana I say Humbug!!!!
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  9. Terry

    Terry Well-Known Member

    Good word!
    I too hate to shave, so instead of being grumpy about all of it, I am enjoying a game of it all. I am looking for the nicest shave. I just got enough razors to use a different one every day for over a month.
    While I look into a couple strait razors just in case I get a little board of the edges. I have to shave, beards are not for me and my wiskers grow at a fast rate.
    My father told me, if you hafta do something, and there is no way out of it, you might as well get darn good at it.

    Wet shaving has helped calm down the hatred for the brutal chore.
    Good luck!
  10. MntnMan62

    MntnMan62 Well-Known Member

    I was there after shaving with carts and canned foamin’ goo for almost 40 years. Since the end of 2015 I’ve been exploring this wonderful world of classic wet shaving scooping up 30 razors, almost 50 soaps and creams, 16 brushes, 7 lather bowls and a fair number of aftershaves. And just this past month I’ve reached the point where I no longer want any new hardware. When I feel like things are getting boring I dig out one of the many soap samples I have yet to try. That adds some excitement for me since I am very much driven by scent. It’s totally integral to my shaving experience. That works for me....for now. Oh, and I haven’t found my holy grail razor yet at a bargain price which is the only way I’ll be able to afford it......Gillette Old Type Bulldog.
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  11. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    The act of shaving is no longer ever boring. What has changed over the course of 4 1/2 years is my Forum participation.
    Lately, I haven't been as motivated to post. Not because it's boring, but I don't feel like I have anything new and interesting to say.
    I also feel an occasional need to step back because of some of the rude posters on other fora. On the rare occasion, I am simply unable to hold my tongue. :shocked002:
    So, I retreat, hit the "ignore" button and move on.
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  12. jtspartan

    jtspartan Well-Known Member

    Humbug! When you’re ready to post your fantastic write ups again, Joseph, we left the light on for you on the 30 Day Thread...
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  13. BigMark83

    BigMark83 [...........] this space intentionally left blank

    Beards don't make you dirty dude.
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  14. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Very kind of you Jason...I feel the "juices" flowing...:signs002:
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  15. Pete123

    Pete123 Well-Known Member

    It never gets boring. I have enough variety that it stays fresh.
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  16. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    I passed my three year anniversary of joining The Wet Shave Renaissance this past August. Recently rolled my TSD odometer to 10K+ posts. Discovering vintage gear at local shops, ordering or trading brushes & soaps with other members around the world filled my cabinet and gobbled up my disposable hobby funds. Before my daughter and three grandkids moved in I was purchasing gear and shaving for my own pleasure. Now I let the 7 year old twin girls pick my soap or aftershave & help arrange SOTD photos. Left to my own I'd use a different setup every other day because shaves are close enough. Following the Theme of the Month as a member of The 30 Day Crew keeps me viewing new hardware and software. I don't yet feel like a veteran but I've always been someone to share my knowledge with interested folks.
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  17. wristwatchb

    wristwatchb wristwatch "danger" b

    I've been shaving for six years with DEs, shavettes, a straight razor, and an occasional cartridge razor. It has been a challenge to learn new skills, and I'm still learning. My shaves are consistently very good these days. The whole process is very relaxing and rewarding, in my opinion. My time doing this for myself is well invested. I've had people tell me my skin looks young, and that has to be due to the focus on skincare that goes with traditional wet shaving. I enjoy all the different types of gear and products I've used. This variety adds another dimension to the experience for me. I especially enjoy the camaraderie and friendships associated with this hobby that I've developed during this time. I've even had the opportunity to help others get started, and I love doing that also.

    I shaved for 30 years with electric razors. The shaves were mediocre and humbug-filled, and it was by far the cheapest, fastest, easiest, and most boring way to shave. Little to no skill was required, and thus, there was never any sense of personal pride or accomplishment associated with it. I have an electric razor under the sink. I'll pull it out and use it occasionally when I'm in a hurry (due to poor planning on my part) and need a 30 second shave to keep from looking like an old gray guerrilla (or gorilla :)). I have nothing against stubble or beards as long as it's not on me. :)
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  18. lightcs1776

    lightcs1776 Well-Known Member

    Shaving is just shaving to me. I like the scents of various soaps. I thoroughly enjoy a good shave. But, it's still just shaving.

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  19. brit

    brit Well-Known Member

    i am a scent fan as well. as a soap addict (i have a cupboard full of different scented shower soaps ) i like finding shave soaps and aftershaves/colognes/deodorants/bath soap that all match. like having a relaxing old spice or tabac sunday . i don t go out much ,work for the most part,so i like to enjoy my time at home..smelling good improves my mood ..enjoying a shave with great products is part of that..
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  20. MntnMan62

    MntnMan62 Well-Known Member

    Variety keeps this exercise pretty fresh for me. Variety in razors, brushes, creams, soaps, blades, splashes. But I have another thing that keeps things from becoming boring.

    I shaved today after shaving yesterday. I don't usually shave two days in a row mainly because I don't have to anymore. But when I do I usually pick a midl razor such as a Gillette Tech. So I did just that today. Popped a fresh Gillette Silver Blue blade in there. I admit I didn't take my time and kind of rushed things a bit. Well, I pretty much shredded my face. Nicks and cuts everywhere. My left cheek. Under my right ear. On my chin. And all over my neck in several spots. Alum didn't help much. And even the styptic pencil didn't stop some of them. I used a great soap, WCS Gatsby No. 1. Super slick and great cushion. I'm going to use the same razor and blade again the next time I shave and see what happens. But I really was not expecting such a poor shave. I can't remember the last time a shave went this far down the drain.
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