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Discussion in 'Head shaving' started by zerth, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. zerth

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    Right now I'm using electric clippers set to zero length (no comb attached). However, the process is slow and messy - short hair flies in all directions when cut. Tried a foil razor too but now in 2018 electric razors still can't cut a thing as far as my stubble and hair is concerned.

    The problem is that I don't want my skull shiny bald because of sunburns; the thin layer of stubble electric clippers leave is about perfect for me. If only I could get it without the whole mess... Comb razor seems to be the right tool, in theory. Has anyone tried it?

    Found a picture of a comb razor with no logos for reference:

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    Hello again, and welcome. This is a great place. There is a "Welcome Center", feel free to introduce yourself over there.

    I don't shave my head tho... So just spit-balling... To me it sounds like you've around found a routine/device that works for the results you want, but it's to messy. There are now many water proof, cordless, wet/dry trimmers on the market. Have you considered a wet/dry trimmer in the shower? The mess would just wash down the drain.

    In regards to the comb, I've not heard anything good about them. I'm not sure it's what you'd want...
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    Article Team
    Those are mostly used by barbers to add texture to the haircut, I think you would find it very tuggy and won't give you the results you want.

    Maybe try using manual clippers in the shower or find a wet/dry trimmer.
  4. zerth

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    You think so? By the looks of it, it's a regular DE blade with some extra distance to the skin. I shave my head with a DE in the winter; it feels fine.

    In the meantime, I found a plastic comb razor sold for literally one buck. Going to give that one a try before committing to a decent metal one.
    Manual clippers are in fact an idea, thanks. Not that keen on manual sharpening but well. We shall see.

    Wet trimmer, on the other hand, is a no go. It would be necessarily cordless and thus very weak. What I like about AC-powered clippers is that they do cut my hair, not just buzz around for no observable effect.
  5. dvdhviid

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    For any new readers reading this old thread for their own research:
    For face or head shavers:

    I have two electric razors that a shave as close as a blade
    Panasonic ARC 5 $$$$ and replacement blades are $$$$
    Andis Profoil Lithium $ and replacement blades are $ This was the barbers' go-to for "fades" but they've caught on as home shavers. They now even have some that are a bit more dressy looking as they are not pretty razors, but very functional.

    Both are foil razors. Even the best rotary razors shave very easy and even and comfortable, but not as close as foils.

    Of course when blades dull the shaves take longer and eventually are not a close.

    To get the best shave you must use Lectra Shave, it makes a big difference both in closeness and irritation.
    I understand the Braun 9000 series is also good, but don't have one to try.

    Due to the cost of blades I usually use the Andis, and these days just occasionally for touchup to the DE

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