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Discussion in 'Welcome Center' started by samc, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. samc

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    I just found this great site yesterday and decided to join today. I started reading about DE and straight razors about a month ago. Then I started searching local antique stores and found a fatboy first. I have found three vintage Gillette's so far. I've been lucky and they are all in great shape. I would like to start collecting old Gillette's, but the prices on ebay and etsy are a little steep for me right now. I also bought a Dovo straight razor, but haven't used it much yet. I wish I would have known about DE razors when I first started shaving. I've been using Sword and Feather blades, but may try Voskhod and Astra after reading some of the posts here.
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  3. Queen of Blades

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    Welcome to The Shave Den! :signs046:
  4. ChrisC1977

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    Welcome to TSD....See you are in Georgia. I order my coffee beans from CoffeeAM from your state! Good to have you here.
  5. GDCarrington

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    Welcome to the Den.

    We know you'll fit right in.

    So grab yourself a comfy chair,

    and give our threads a spin!

    Burma Shave
  6. Ryan B

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    You're in the right place man, welcome! I know how you feel about the collecting razors, I have a few myself. As for blades, the Israeli Crystals, Gillette 7 o' Clock series, and Personna's are all blades I enjoy, they might be worth checking out. Your best bet is to go for a sampler pack from either bullgooseshaving.net, razorbladesandmore, west coast shaving. Then you can try all sorts of blades and find what's good and what sucks.
  7. DLP

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    :signs046: to the DEN
  8. samc

    samc New Member

    Thanks everyone!
  9. burnout961

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    Welcome to the Den!!! I'm up here in Thomaston and we've got a couple of members north of Atlanta.
  10. lradke

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    Welcome to The Den! We're glad you came and hope you stay a while!
  11. Smott

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    I knew samc would come someday. I just knew it.
  12. fishcrow

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    Welcome to the Den, a hearty hello.
  13. swarden43

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    Hi! Welcome to the Den.
  14. Slipperyjoe

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  15. Indiexsunrise

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    Welcome! Where about in Ga. Are you? Im in Paulding county west of Marietta.
  16. Shawna

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    Welcome to the Den! Enjoy your stay here and Happy Shaving! :signs046:
  17. samc

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    I'm in Bonaire (Warner Robins).
  18. Conrad1959

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    Hello from Alpharetta and welcome to the Den.
  19. DonR

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    Hello from Powder Springs, welcome to the Den.
  20. apo1022

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    Hello from Dunwoody (north atlanta), and welcome to the Den!

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