Henckels #410 "Certified" in Custom Black Horn

Discussion in 'Razor Restoration' started by gssixgun, Jul 27, 2011.

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    This came in with no scales and some pretty good water spotting...

    I polished out the blade pretty gently to a nice Satin Glow finish then went to work making new scales...

    Tim wanted Black horn which as many of you know is rather hard to come by naturally, I took a set of the Feather Streaked ones I had with the least amount of white on them, then reversed them putting the White streaks to the inside...

    After shapeing the scales I contoured them pretty heavy, then only sanded them further on the inside surfaces so as no to expose any more White streaks... By thinning them only from the insides it kept the heavy contour and didn't expose hardly any more White :)

    I polished the horn using the 3M Tri-M-IteĀ® Imperial sanding papers and the buffer...

    The wedge is Blood Red acrylic and the pins are Nickel Silver alnog with the center post "Bling" washers are SS...




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  2. TheCopperHat

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    As usual Glen, stunning. Every time I see one of your restorations I go digging through my " to have restored one day " box and get ideas. I'm a commitment phobe and just can't bring myself to settle on a decision for what I'd like yet. But one day you will have a call from me. One day....
  3. battle.munky

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    Great work again Glen! Excellent choice on the blood red, it really makes the whole assembly pop.
  4. Bronco

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    Outstanding as usual! I try not to drool...
  5. Pithor

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    The three silver pin design works very well with the dark ebony and the Henckels.
    Lovely understated restore, this one.

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