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  1. Hello, after reading about many different threads on this forum I decided to join and get myself a DE razor. I'm sick of disposable razors always cutting yourself and always leaving stubble. I think I will get a Horse hair brush, JoAnne's scents soap, a 36 blade sampler pack, and a EJ DE89L razor. :)
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    Welcome welcome!.:)
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    Welcome to TSD! Read, learn and enjoy your shave! ...Or is it enjoy your stay?:think002: I always get those two mixed up.;)
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    Hey, and welcome from another newbie. Your plan sounds like a fine one to these also-inexperienced ears. Oh, and you will certainly be wanting in the October newbie giveaway, especially if you can live with putting off the Edwin Jagger for a minute.
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    :signs046: to TSD.
    It looks like your "good to go" with your start up kit. Since your going with a Horse, I'd recommed looking at the "bestshave" #6 Horse its a TON cheaper than Vie-Long and a pretty good brush, at least mine are.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome. Bplatoon thanks for the advice I saw that one, but wasn't sure of it at first.
  8. Since I'm still new here, where might I find the October newbie giveaway?
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    Some people here have had trouble with the Vie-Long knot tangling. The QC isn't as good on the bestshave as the Vie-Long and the handle isn't as pretty, but I've used my #6 Horse daily for almost two years now with no problems.
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    Goto the forum list and click on "Newbies" and it will bring up a list of other newbie forums, the newbie give away for October is right on top. Just click on it and follow directions. :)
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    Welcome man. It's pretty cool here. Don't hesitate to ask questions.
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    Welcome, Clooegebound! Happy shavings!
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    Welcome Aboard! Sit back,relax and enjoy.
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    I see you found it!

    Welcome to the Den!!
  16. Yep I did thanks!
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    Welcome! :bounce015:

    And I love my EJ 89!
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    Hello and welcome to the TSD family.
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    Hello and welcome, I'm sure You will enjoy your time here as much as we all do :)
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    Welcome to the Den.

    We know you'll fit right in.

    So grab yourself a comfy chair,

    and give our threads a spin!

    Burma Shave

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