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Discussion in 'Welcome Center' started by Ron butcher, Aug 10, 2018.

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    The 30 Day Rule / Focus group is all about figuring out how to get the best shaves from the gear you own. The idea is to use one razor, soap, and aftershave for a month and develop the proper techniques to get your best results. With the gathering of New Shavers trying out Vintage gear, and Vintage Shavers learning new razors you can ask question and share your problems. The guys in the 30 Day Crew have seen every style of razor, and even invented a few new ones. Between soaps, brushes, mugs, & bowls you can be instructed to whipping up a superior lather. Discussion on after shave products may assist you in finding something to sooth your abused skin. The biggest improvement will be in your technique. You will "unlearn" the pressure needed with modern razors. Those flippy floppy, glide & lube strips have kept you from knowing how to shave. With a slick soap (that need not be expensive), and good brush (can be inexpensive), and a vintage razor (antique & thrift stores, garage sales, or the Buy/Sell/Trade section here at TSD) you too can have clearer, better skin and improved shaves.
    If you have a moment to visit The 30 Day thread read the first post by Neal @NCoxSTL, then you can skip to the end and jump in. Did I mention there may be Shenanigans?
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    Welcome to the Den.
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    Welcome to TSD!
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    Article Team
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    Welcome to The Shave Den, a great place to hang out!
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    Hi Ron, welcome aboard. Ingrown hair is a problem that occurs more and more with multiblade disposables or cartridges. With use of Single/Double edge or straight razors, it will be soon cured.
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    Welcome to TSD Ron butcher. So glad that you joined us. Enjoy!
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    Hello and welcome!
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    Welcome Ron!
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    Welcome to TSD.
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    I really have been considering getting a straight razor. Just worried about my skin. I will ready the post about the 30 day challenge. Thanks!!!!!
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    Bring your thought to the 30 Day Crew. I started my Wet Shave Journey with straights, shavettes, and then discovered DE & SE razors. There are a number of daily straight shavers in The Crew who can guide you in choosing your first SR, then offer all the hints and tips to developing all the skills you'll need; stropping, honing, handling skills for difficult to shave places on your neck, etc.
    It is a fast paced thread full of shave of the day photos, vacation pictures from around the world, family shots of our kids and grandkids, recipes for BBQ, triumphs and tragedies as we learn new razors, & enablers convincing others to try new products. Did I mention Shenanigans?

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