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Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by swarden43, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Jim99

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    Not vintage. :scared003:
  2. Jacobite

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    I have a lot of single pucks of soap/creams, but in terms of big quantities I've got about 30 pucks each of vintage and of today's Williams Mug Soap, about a dozen sticks of Arko, a similar number of Palmolive sticks, 7 sticks of Valobra, three 1 lb tubs of JM Fraser's cream, 5 tubes of Proraso creams, and 2 tubs of Palmindaya cream at about a lb apiece. I didn't set out to hoard any of them, but I've ended up with quite a pile of product. The vintage Williams was only available in 2 big lots at a ridiculous price, the modern Williams came to me at about 50c a puck, the Arko is cheaper by the dozen, the Palmolive I purchase 1 at a time every time I go to Ireland, and the Valobra, Fraser's, and Palmindaya aren't always easily available so when I see them I buy them.
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  3. JR Reyes

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    Guilty of hoarding this trio of shave sticks
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    I still have a half stick of Moos left and use it sparingly as I do my half tube of Noxzema Lather Shave.
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    I did it with the Cold Water Shaving Soap "Original" when he announced it was being discontinued. I bought three jars and had one gifted to me in addition to the one I had. I am finishing my fifth jar now. The new CRSW "Glide" formula came just in time!
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  6. swarden43

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    I still have remnants of a stick mashed into a bowl. Outstanding soap!
    Wish I had more as I will be sorely disappointed when this runs out.
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  7. Lancre

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    Well, a case of Arko is 12, so we'll give you a pass until you buy #13
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