HomelikeShaving and their START SS razor. From Russia with Love....

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Str8on2, Oct 18, 2019.

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    Thanks Gary.

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    Went back to the CTAPT-START razor after a few shaves with the Charcoal Goods razor. Wanted to try the .69 gap plate since it’s the only one I haven’t sampled from the full kit. Decided to switch out the Gillette Platinums that I’ve been using with this razor and opted to use a Feather. Reason being as I’ve used this blade with a few other milder razors such as the Gamechanger .68 and the Mamba .70 with very good results. I figured that the START .69 would be just as mild as those and would benefit from one of the sharpest blades in the game.

    Long story short, it was a 3 pass shave that was nearly devoid of any blade feel whatsoever. I mean, all I felt literally was the guard and an extremely smooth cutting action with very little audible feedback. It took me a couple of strokes to get the optimal cutting angle but, once there it was as smooth as smooth can get. The smoothest and most comfortable feeling razor in my den is the RR Mamba .70. And honestly, I think the START shaved just as smoothly as the Mamba and I dare say that the Mamba actually offers me a bit more blade feel. Might have to do a side by side with it to confirm. Anyways, the shave result with the START .69 was very good. No irritation, weepers or cuts of any kind. Was it a very close shave? No but, it was a very respectable finish that as a daily for those that don’t want an iota of blade feel, it fits the bill to a T. For those that want a bit of blade feel, this will be one that you might not reach for. It’s the mildest and quietest plate in the kit and quite possibly the mildest razor/plate combo I own. For those that want a smooth, comfortable, mild yet quietly efficient shaver a la RR Mamba .70 or Gamechanger .68, this one could be another option to think about. Truthfully, I won’t be reaching for this plate much at all unless I’m doing a quick touch up/refresh for an evening out with the Misses/family from shaving earlier in the day.

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    A bit of a thread revival...

    Excellent shave today with the START & .90 OC plate. Again, it does what it’s supposed to do. Good, clean and comfortable shaves, shave in, shave out. Does it offer the most blade feel out there? No. Is it similar to an IkonTech, “11/“13 Muhle R41, PAA EVO DOC SS? No. It actually is quite docile compared to those 3 behemoths of blade feel and cutting ferocity. Those razors are more on the extreme, no very extreme of the razor cutting gambit that only a small percentage of wet shavers will ever try and actually say is the best for them. Yet, the START is nowhere near the razor daisies of the mild category such as the Feather A2-D2S, EJDE89, RR Mamba 53 and countless others unless of course, one uses the START .69 plate. But, that’s the beauty of this razor as it gives you an option on what you want and how to go about it with its optional plates. It fits exactly where it needs to be, in the middle where the far marjority of wet shavers roam. It’s not the only one for sure but, for the quality, craftsmanship, alloy and value it definitely should be considered with others such as the Karve, Rockwell 6S & the Gamechanger series of premium made alloy razors. The START razor kit delivers from supremely mild to nicely efficient shave parameters for the far majority. Just a real good razor kit.....

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