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    A member here recently pointed out in one of my last posts that the majority of postings tend to be about vintage razors. He's right. I post about newer razors because that's what I have. At one point I had several hundred razors...the large part being vintage shavers. I knocked my collection down over time to where it is right now...twelve modern razors that includes a breakdown Merkur travel set.
    The razor today is the Hone SS, you don't tend to see many reviews on what is a very efficient and mild shaver. It's a very heavy razor weighing in at 160 gm. Matte finish and to me, a beautiful example of minimalist design. The manufacturing process is terrific, tight and top notch. No blade chatter and easy to load etc. Very intuitive to use and gives a very good ATG pass. Not the most nimble of razors and in this case you really do let the weight of the razor do the shaving. Not the cheapest but a very well made and useful addition to my "stable". Does very well with sharper blades. Also, sorry about the small size...not sure how to download larger pics. Figured it out.
    IMG_2550.jpg IMG_2553.jpg IMG_2555.jpg
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    I've always liked the look of the Hone. It's one of the few modern razors that has some originality, even if the design absolutely screams 'Euro Modern,' which is kinda soulless, now that I think about it. What can I say, I like the curves.

    You should post more often.
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    Thanx, I appreciate that. Also, how do I get the pics larger? I did it once but am having problems now. Just figured it out. Cheers
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