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Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by Steve56, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Steve56

    Steve56 Well-Known Member

    I also have this one on the way soon, useful for honing the really wonky ones. Nakayama asagi according to the stamps and vendor, who is reliable. Hopefully it’s finisher grade.

    734311AD-59E4-47C5-9AF6-1529CB5B0195.jpeg C0F527E3-921C-489C-807E-99E161AE9251.jpeg
  2. Steve56

    Steve56 Well-Known Member

    Won this ugly barber size on Yahoo auctions for $79, though it will be closer to $130 after fees and shipping. It looks like a deep layer stone from the yellowish orange skin patches, and it looks pure. Always a gamble, but I am looking forward to seeing it in person. Vendor’s images.

    2D293198-5558-4DB9-90AC-0D726BB63BA3.jpeg 7D55B07B-E568-428F-8D7E-7CB4E80F56E6.jpeg 03BCF3C9-78D3-4311-956C-B7D06E1ECF11.jpeg

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