How many hours do you work a week?

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by Lyrt, Dec 27, 2008.


How many hours do you work a week?

  1. Less than 20

    6 vote(s)
  2. 20 – 30

    2 vote(s)
  3. 30 – 40

    16 vote(s)
  4. 40 – 50

    35 vote(s)
  5. 50 – 60

    17 vote(s)
  6. More than 60

    5 vote(s)
  1. Lyrt

    Lyrt Flash

    Just curious. (The vote is not public)
  2. Shep

    Shep The Shep Abides

    Went w/ 40 - 50, but sometimes it's more...much more. During last years Superbowl I was on shift from sun-up to sun-down. Good pay, lousy sleep.
  3. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    sometimes as many as 80, but usually around 60-70 hours a week.
  4. MTgrayling

    MTgrayling Rocket Man

    Wow. :eek: You guys need to relax! I can't ever imagine wanting to work that much, ever.
  5. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    even with so many hours, I cannot say I make a living--I'm just keeping my bills paid, with a minimum amount of surplus. The industry I am in is in terrible condition.
  6. soapbuddy

    soapbuddy Mistress of Lather

    Since I'm self employed, my hours vary. During the busy season like Christmas, I work 7 days a week.

    I haven't had a vacation in years............
  7. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    I used the hours that I am at my place of employment... I never say That I am going to work.. hate to lie like that.

  8. Truckman

    Truckman New Member

    We average 42 hours per week.

    Our schedule is based on an 8 day week, so it rotates around...

    2 - 10 hour days
    2 - 14 hour nights
    4 - days off

    so we put in 48 hours in a 4 day period, then 4 days's supposed to average out to 42 hours/week, but I've never actually worked the numbers.

    Not including overtime, which is not guaranteed and has actually been cut significantly lately...:mad:
  9. lamontqsanford

    lamontqsanford New Member

    Being an owner and on salary it varies. In the winter I work less, 45-50 hours, because I can't get as much work done outdoors. In the summer I kick it up and work more hours.
  10. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    Does that count your time on here... (and is that bedroom painted yet?)

  11. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    I am the owner of my company also, but my weekly salary has gone down a lot this past year. My employees all got raises.
  12. Baloosh

    Baloosh Duder

    Can I work for you? ;)

    In all seriousness, kudos to you for being one of the few honorable businessmen in this day and age.
  13. lamontqsanford

    lamontqsanford New Member

    Oh, if you count the time spent here I work 5-6 hours weekly.

    Talked the son out of painting his room. It was tough, he is great negotiater.
  14. MTgrayling

    MTgrayling Rocket Man

    +1! I'm a good worker.
  15. Tony Miller

    Tony Miller Member

    40 hours on my day job, 20 hours making strops, packing, etc.... rarely a Saturday, never on Sunday. My wife puts in another 6 to 8 a week on our business as well.

    Way too much time though and I will be doing this even more part time next year

  16. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    thanks, Jason. I went through hell to get where I am I am today. I came to Canada without even 3 dollars in my pocket, and worked myself into sickness to build a successful business. Nobody even lifted a finger for me.
  17. maxpower

    maxpower Member

    I work a 40 hour work week when I am in the office. However, I travel 30-40% of the time and spend a lot of time in airports and hotels over weekends so on average it is probably up there close to 60 hours per week.
  18. ChemErik

    ChemErik Mr. Personality

    As an engineer, my hours vary depending on the company's project load. I'll spend a few months working 40 hours weeks, then work 50-70 hours/wk for a 3-6 weeks. Averages 45-50 hrs/wk, but not consistant at all. Christmas and New Years weeks will be 18-20 hours :).
  19. TG_Charles

    TG_Charles Member

    Eight hours a day, five days a week; no more, no less.
  20. RayG

    RayG New Member

    10-12 hr days, plus a 12 hour night about once a week. An extra 60 hour weekend every 2 months.

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