How To Hand Load (and remove) a Blade Into a Schick Repeating Razor

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Linuxguile, Mar 29, 2018.

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    A couple of people might find this interesting and helpful (@PLAla @sdguero ). Follow this guide at your own risk, not responsible for any harm that may occur.

    I start by ejecting a new blade from the magazine and grabbing it between my thumb and index finger being careful to hold it away from the edge:

    I then get it started in the head of the razor:

    Once the blade is under the top of the head you can straighten it out and push it through:

    Once you get the blade all the way in you may notice that the blade may be sitting a little crooked in the razor:

    To fix that I use my thumb nails( or my fingernails on my index fingers) to push on the corners of the blade to push it all the way against the back of the head:
    That's it, now your ready to shave with your Schick repeating Razor!

    To remove the old blade once it is spent I use my thumbnail to push the blade out of the head a little:

    And then push on the back of the blade on the other side to get it to swing out:


    From there you can carefully grab it with your thumb and index finger and easily pull the blade out to be disposed of in your blade bank.
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    Very informative post Andrew. Thank you sir.

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  3. chevyguy

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    Why not just use an injector key so that you don't take the chance of cutting yourself


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  4. Linuxguile

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    You can't use an injector key with a Repeating Razor. They had internal blade loading mechanisms. Since blades were thicker when these razors were designed you run the risk of jamming the mechanism if you use it with a modern blade. Also sometimes the loading mechanism is broken or jammed and therefore the only option you have is to hand load the blade if you want to use the razor.
  5. Linuxguile

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    Thank you, Ken!
  6. chevyguy

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    That's understandable, make's sense. I have a Valet Autostrop and you have to be careful loading it too.


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  7. sdguero

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    Thank you, Andrew. That will be very helpful!
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  8. PLAla

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    Thank you, Andrew! Terrific post.
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  9. Primotenore

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    Article Team
    Still looks dangerous.
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  10. Linuxguile

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    I've seen people do crazier stuff to get a good shave, MAYhem is coming!

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  11. jmudrick

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    You rang?

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  12. Hodge

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    Great information Andrew. Having cut myself pretty good, I now use a pair of jewellers priers to get the blade started. For the folks who havent tried a vintage Schick repeater, you’re missing out on great shaves.
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  13. Herm2502

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    Great stuff Andrew. I did the same thing and now my fingernail has a slit in it. I now use a small nail file to do the "pushing".

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  14. Linuxguile

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    The use of tools is definitely advisable to prevent injuring oneself!

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  15. Jorvaljr

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    When I had mine I was doing the same thing until I started getting slits in the nail. I started using either an injector key or nail file from my nail clippers. Great write up!
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  16. Jim99

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    @Linuxguile , that’s a great write up. Once I pick up a repeating razor (soon I hope), this will be quite helpful.
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  17. PLAla

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    I did this yesterday in my B1 injector with great results. The shave was nice, too!
  18. Screwtape

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    Great information! Although I foresee my Swiss Army knife getting a lot of use in place of fingernails...
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  19. Keithmax

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    Thank you, very helpful.
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  20. EzraCobb

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    GOOD Stuff andrew
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