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    Interesting proposal of the store GDMG Brush Store.

    For now the Husua Shaving line consists of brushes.
    Classic, ergonomic and balanced shapes.
    Some models with resin handle and mixed wood/ resin I find them pleasant.
    Available to be assembled with all the most requested knots, both natural and synthetic.

    I was struck by the wooden handles with a rainbow effect.
    They seem to have a nice q/p ratio, today less than €20.

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    Pakkawood. Aka dyed plywood. It used to be a popular choice for knife scales and kitchen knife handles. I suppose it was only a matter of time before some made brush handles out of it.

    Edit: Please don't think I'm dogging on it. It's completely waterproof, for one thing. It's more like fiberglass than wood, actually, but with the feel of wood. It's actually an ideal handle material.

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