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    Update- it's been about a month now. The tooth isn't hurting at all, so hopefully, there will be no further problems with it. The bruises & scrapes are healed, but there is still a visible red mark on my nose bridge, where I had the deepest abrasion. It feels kind if tight as I clearly lost more than the usual amount of skin there.

    The elbow is still healing as fractures-even small ones- just don't heal that fast when you are over 60. So still shooting the Genesis bow. That's not the worst thing, though I miss by bigger bows. Shooting a light bow, you have very little power, so you have to focus on your technique, or you will never get an accurate shot.
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    Glad your recovery is going well, Sara. "Going light" and being forced to focus on your archery technique is not a bad thing, either!
    - Bax
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    The title of this thread is a song that contains excellent guitar work.

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