I was thinking how much 'modern' shaving rips off the public.

Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by Tim Spencer, May 19, 2017.

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    I was doodling on a notepad and figured that in the short and long run, modern wet shaving gear out of the local supermarket costs WAY more than classic wet shaving.

    2 years cost for Modern Wet-shaving gear from a local supermarket = $135
    $40 for 5 cans of shaving cream
    $55 for 5 packs (12 razors each) of disposable razors (Figuring on throwing out each after 12 shaves or so)
    $40 for 4 bottles of aftershave

    2 years cost for Classic Vintage Wet-shaving gear = $120
    $30 Gillette Superspeed
    $18 for Razor Blades
    $12 for Shave Brush
    $20 for Shave Soap
    $40 for 4 bottles of aftershave

    Beyond the first two years to renew products = $88
    $18 for razor blades
    $20 for shave soap
    $40 for aftershave

    Now, this is just being penny pinching and conservative. I might use more soap and aftershave, but I was figuring the minimum vintage style stuff I could buy and use to match the modern stuff.

    I was using my personal figures on the cost of my old Schick ST2 (Slim Twin) disposable razors that came 12 razors to a pack that cost $12 each. I would go through a can of foam or shave gel every 4-6 months and I used at least 4 bottles of aftershave a year, maybe a few more depending.

    Bottom line is that for the same money as the stuff in the supermarket, I will get a BETTER shave and be able to buy better smelling soaps and aftershaves. Those Schick ST2 (Slim Twin) razors were the ONLY modern razors I could shave with and not get cut all to hell and get razor burn. They also gave a reliably close shave. For over 20 years of shaving I NEVER KNEW that an old style DE razor with a good blade could deliver the same kind of shave with even more comfort and protection. OLD IS BETTER THAN NEW when it comes to shaving. In fact, thanks to artisans, the best of what classic shaving gave was preserved and the best of what modern soap and skin treatment products were brought to bear. It doesn't get better than classic shaving. The cost is lower, the comfort is superior and the post-shave smoothness and recovery is better as well.

    New products are gimmicks and ripoffs. The older gear designs are superior and the newer artisan soaps and aftershaves and skin protection products are better than what's at the typical grocery store.
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    Plus, oh those AD's! :D
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    Yup. Most people on this board save lots of money.
  4. Paul Turner

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    This is excellent and most interesting research. I can't comment on the razor prices(except the disposeABLES which is all I've been using, although I still have the 65-Slim around), but I would say it's great to get to the realization that "old is better than new when it comes to shaving"(your quotes).
  5. Paul Turner

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    ya mean the old Old Spice ads with the classic French Horns and the classic jingle? And the one where the boy watches his dad use Aqua Velva and the latter flips it to the former who tries it and says "cool!"? Back to Old Spice, you've seen my many rants on the "Smellmittment" junk for what I now call "New Spice", right?
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  7. Primotenore

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    Saving money is just an excuse. Period. (Granted, there are a couple of shavers who actually do save money, but come on, you and I and the MAJORITY aren't members of that exclusive group)
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  8. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    That laughing man brings up a good point. We have to factor in SHIPPING. Having said that, I still agree overall with Tim's research.&commentary.
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  10. Puma

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    Our way is MUCH more fun.
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  11. Puma

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    I do like modern safety razors like ATT, Timeless, Rockwell, Muhle, Charcoal Goods, etc. So much for saving $$$.
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  12. Puma

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    It is possible to save money and get great shaves with gear that we would approve of, but most of us want to enjoy the hobby, so we end up trying and collecting and not saving. But it is more enjoyable that way.
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    Categorically untrue. I get irritation free bbs from drug store or artisan. In fact, all of the worst products I've tried were artisan. Never had a mass market product fail to perform.

    What artisans offer is more scent and ingredient variety, and hip ads and logos, and sense of being a part of a movement. But as for making better soap, only sometimes do they succeed. I read a lot of shave reports with artisan stuff where the guys report less than stellar results, and the solution is always more artisan soap. It's a hamster wheel that's not reflective of the reality of the available products, artisan or drugstore.
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    Ahhhhh, I love this thread.

    Frugal Frank out!
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    saving money, yes yes that is a big lie, i spend more money with this hobby, every weeck i spend about 40-60 dlls, theres allways something new than i REALLY NEED TO HAVE, new soaps, new after shaves, new razors,etc.
    but dont tell mi wife otherwise i will be dead and burried

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    Ok, you are Nisito and I am a Nisita.

    So why did you pick THAT name???
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  17. brit

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    i will save money when i stop collecting stuff....at least i can use my wet shaving gear and pass it down.i get awesome shaves and be part of a community that likes traditional values.
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    I think I only save money on blades. If I stopped buying stuff, I could save money, but it is more fun this way. I have way too much stuff. I need to clean house.
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    this is the short for my name NISSIM that is my name whats yours? o why you pick nisita?
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    The thing that bothers me most about the modern stuff is how much ends up in the landfill. Cans of shave cream, plastic blade holders, used carts etc. I am sure some can be recycled, but I would bet that most of it goes right into the trash. While not perfect in general there is much less waste material with the older gear.
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