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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Allen-Edmonds, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. CSL

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    As I said before, swapping out the top plate from an old Gillette Tech onto the Ikon kept the blade perfectly straight. Also I can plainly see the whole top plate is warped & if I'm afraid to trust my own eyes I can hold a straight edge to it & confirm the warp.

    Looking at the reviews, it appears that some people have had better experiences than I have, but the fact remains that this was a replacement plate sent from the guy who supposedly makes them. The only conclusion I can draw is that he either doesn't know what he's doing, or doesn't care.

    If he expects we customers to help out with trial & error/research & development, etc then he shouldn't be charging us 65 bucks for the privilege.
  2. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    The top plate is the issue with mine. The beveling / polishing of the edge is not uniform and creates a bow in the blade. On my top cap it looks like the right side has more material removed then the rest of it. When I put the top cap of a tech on it, the bow disappears.
  3. sffone

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    I strongly suggest that anyone having a problem with a razor return the faulty item as many times as needed to get satisfactory performance. These razors cost too much to settle for less than a perfect razor. And my experience has been good -- replacement parts were sent in a timely, courteous manner.
  4. CSL

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    The point is that the thing should be right in the first place.
    If the guy wants us to help him figure out the 'bugs' then he shouldn't be charging us $65.
    How a person can describe sending a razor back multiple times as "a good experience" is beyond me.
  5. sffone

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    Your point is well taken. The only thing I was trying to say was that no one should settle for anything less than a satisfactory product. In my case, the initial product wasn't faulty, I just wanted to exchange a standard-head razor for an open comb because I found the standard head to be too mild.
  6. CSL

    CSL Member

    And you are right - I suppose I should keep sending the part back until I get one that works. It's such a pain in the ass to have to do that though, not knowing whether the guy will ever get it right - after all, he was not capable of determining that the replacement part he sent was faulty....or maybe he was just hoping I wouldn't notice?
  7. Mynorx

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    I think he raised the price on it. it used to be 65 now its 85 bucks. maybe you should try to contact him to see if one of his usa vendors will ship you a replacement unit.
  8. michiganlover

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    You gave him a shot to make it right; he failed!

    At this point, I would be demanding my money back.

    I expect perfection the first time around, I don't expect it to be a crap-shoot that the product I am purchasing actually is functional.

    He didn't make it right, and apparently doesn't have the skill necessary to determine a good part from a bad**. Get your money back, and move on!!

    The idea that you should ship the bad parts back multiple times, until it is finally perfect is absurd. That isn't good customer service whatsoever, it also doesn't help to build confidence in your product for other potential customers.

    **If that is true, it has to make one wonder if he actually makes these products at all; perhaps he has the production done by a 3rd party source.
  9. CSL

    CSL Member

    Exactly. Amen to all of that.
  10. MikekiM

    MikekiM Well-Known Member

    I look for progress not perfection...

    If there is something I want and it isn't perfect the first time, I'll let the vendor try again, and maybe even again...and if I really want it I might let them try again if it still isn't right..

    My iKon showed up with a scratch on the cap plate and Greg shot me off another with no question asked...

    It didn't tarnish the experience not one bit..
  11. michiganlover

    michiganlover Member

    Wow!! You are far more forgiving of mistakes than the average customer. I have no interest in paying good money to be a companies test dummy while they work out their bugs.

    If one is buying a product, the standard expectation is that the product will perform as described, not that it will perform as described after some extra tweaking.

    If one wants to argue that this is a small business, and thus should get more leeway, that doesn't really fly either, as a small business's reputation is of the utmost importance, and even one very vocal disgruntled customer can result in a huge negative impact on sales (especially in these days of instant worldwide communication).
  12. CSL

    CSL Member

    I guess I fall in the middle.

    I was willing to send the part back for replacement ONCE

    but then, after the the guy who makes them sends me another bum part, proving he doesn't know, or care what he's doing, I'm finished.
  13. Mynorx

    Mynorx New Member

    in the states some people may think 65 (80 Now) dollars is not much money. but once you go to countries like Thailand that's 2 weeks pay for most people. so yes, if I am buying a product with US Dollars I expect perfection. no matter where it comes from.
  14. wildbill51

    wildbill51 Member

    This latest saga has saved me $80 :sad024
  15. MikekiM

    MikekiM Well-Known Member

    For every one bad experience you hear there are probably a hundred good ones.

    My iKon is a killer shave, wonderfully constructed and delivered with a fantastic experience with Greg..
  16. CSL

    CSL Member

    Yeah, but we're not talking one bad experience.

    I received a faulty product & then after spending more money mailing it back, I was sent another faulty part by Greg.

    Therefore he either doesn't know what he's doing, or doesn't care.

    And as for a 'fantastic experience' dealing with him - none of his communications were more than one sentence & at no point did I receive any kind of apology from him.

    Also, he made attempt to find out if the replacement part was ok - like I said, he doesn't care.

    Trust me, I don't like saying negative things about people, but I don't want anyone else to have the experience I had with an Ikon razor.
  17. MikekiM

    MikekiM Well-Known Member

    I hear what you're saying and please understand I am not being a douche about this.. but fact remains my experience was and continues to be..great. I just think it's important to present both sides. I would buy another iKon.
  18. geogaga

    geogaga Member

    I have some thoughts about this and maybe they do not fit in this thread, but still. Here follows impersonalized message :)

    There is a hype on wet-shaving, right? Who will argue on this? Many people wants to do something authentic, something, that is outstandingly gorgeous. And let's say this boy or girl or man makes something shaving-related in its sphere of activity. Potters, for example. Yes, they make scuttles, but whoah! Not all scuttles are good, right? And I saw several articles on how first modern scuttles were made and tested by a wet-shaving community in order to improve them. When it comes to precise instruments as razors, it becomes more difficult. Even I wanted to start making some fancy gear, but I just didn't have the time for it (I can 3D almost anything and make it made on CNC machines). Hand-made shaving brushes... This is the most suspicious topic for me. I don't get it. All brushes are made with knots - essential elements of each brush - from the same manufacturer. Technically, they're the same. Main difference is in material of handle, its finishing, how deep that know sits and so on. Fountain pens... God, this is just silly. Kit pens go away for $300 at bays... They are all look the same :o

    But then someone comes up in his/her blog with yet another god blessing wonder guy who makes something and it is outstanding. Everybody start buying it. There is some movement in the net for a while. Depending on how good is this gear and how good is this guy in his/her customer service and negotiation skills, you will have corresponding experience. One thing if guy is really a professional. But completely opposite, if guy is just making stuff which is kinda related to what he was doing all his life or hobbying... And then there are people that support that hype by being most polite and giving a good feedback with neutral words like "great", "awesome", "outstanding", etc. If I look back on every mention if custom-made product or person... there's almost always 70%+ very positive comments with no technical details. What I see - is just another craftsman, who does what he does every day.

    For example, I work with one razor manufacturer. I'm very satisfied with their responsiveness, advices and personal attitude. But then there is one remote brush manufacturer who do not provide acceptable discounts on his product (basically, the price are the same as for single buyers). Brushes are decent, but one thing - knot is not 23mm as claimed, but about 21,5 :) And they do not send you a package in bulk. They will send you a packages of ten if you buy even at least 50 :) Sounds like they're trying to escape from taxes... Do you think I will ever try to contact them? I will have to make sever thinking on this :D

    I personally feel myself very angry when I don't get something I paid for. I'm struggling of giving back my car I bought new to the dealership and it has been revealed that the car has some production defects. It's almost 1,5+ year now. I'm very close to the end :D

    All in all, it's all about your feelings. If you're ok with the individual service and you're making yourself such a present like some seriously hand-made stuff, you're probably ready for some readjustments. There was a time when there were no stock suits, by the way, all were made at taylor's (not a TOBS ad :D) :) If I have been advertised with a top-notch gear statement, I want it, not the other thing at the same price. It is my right. And responsibility of the seller is to make customer happy or give him his money back. I think this is correct.

    Companies have resources for this. They will even get you a personal manager. One single person is limited, because he is going to do everything: purchasing source materials, making stuff, finishing it, selling it, negotiating with customers, then replacing faulty parts, which count will increase with the demand and production volumes, unless there are more people involved.

    P.S.: To exclude any misunderstandings, I do not mean anybody personally. Especially Greg. No offense to iKon razors. I do not own one.
  19. sffone

    sffone Member

    As would I.
  20. CSL

    CSL Member

    Sure - Of course, you have a right to share your positive experience & certainly didn't think anyone was being 'a douche'.

    I felt compelled to share my experience because I don't want anyone else to go through what I did.

    I know a lot of people have good things to say about Ikon razors. However, I think it's important for potential buyers to know that it's a crap shoot as to whether you will get a good or bad one.

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