I'm a new wetshaver, which razor should I get? (Pic Heavy)

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Dridecker, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Mike Powell

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    Also, if you are at a craft show or something of the sorts, there are the craft made razors. Its a 3 piece DE with a lathe turned handle. The head is similar to a Merkur, and very gentle. The handles are a little longer than the Super Speed, and they are a little heavier. Also a good choice for a beginner wet shaver, as long as you don't get careless there are no cuts or weeps. With the handles being hand turned it is unlikely that you will find someone with one similar. sometimes you might even be able to get a brush and stand to match.

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  2. '65 G-Slim

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    Totally agree with the ball-end Tech. Another really mild razor is the GEM Featherweight.
  3. Any thoughts on the Feather Popular?
  4. PLANofMAN

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    Super mild razor. A decent choice for a newbie. It's not a razor that will grow with you as you develop better shaving technique.

    In that context, a vintage Gillette Super Speed would be a better choice.
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  5. Many thanks!

    I'm not really a newbie, but looking at getting another razor. Just checking on what's in easy supply. In the uk super speed is not, sadly.
  6. Enrico

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    I recently purchased a Merkur 34C and even though I'm far from new to DE shaving, I really enjoy the shave. Since there made in Germany you should have an easy time of ordering it.

    BTW my son and I really enjoy our British Flares and should be available to you locally, if you don't mind purchasing used razors.

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    I'm from Northern, Ky. Do yourself a FAVOR, start, or very soon, get a "Fat Boy!":happy036:JMO:rolleyes:
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