'Imperia la Roccia' Natural Sharpening Stone

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by HolyRollah, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Steve56

    Steve56 Hone Hoarder

    The 9 ball slate is good, I need to get mine out and spin up a few edges. I’m doing an edge longevity test which usually means that I’m not honing much though. But I do have 3 razors up for honing.

    I actually like it better than the French Baker’s purple La Lunes, it makes a smoother edge but still very sharp. I do have a vintage ‘blue moon’ for good razors and it’s about like the 9 ball slate.

    Thanks to Glen for alerting us to this one. I assume that they’re all gone now.
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  2. jgreenepa

    jgreenepa Nasal Barbarian

    I think they are, Steve! The 9 Ball is my only Slate besides the ILR. I have mostly artificial waterstones, a Shapton 1k through 16 k and a Naniwa 1k through 12 k progressions with a few one-offs, a Suehiro 20k, a Jasper . That’s it! I’m fortunate to have a son with lots of jnats and arkies. He’s the one who got me into straight shaving 7 yrs ago. He’s been at it since the late 90s.

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