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Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by SmoothOperator22630, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. SmoothOperator22630

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    Ahoy from Beautiful Front Royal, Virginia!

    I've been wet-shaving with a double-edged safety razor for six years, but I'd like to make the jump. Trouble is, I've had a bear of a time sharpening the straight razor I received as a gift. Anyone else out there in the greater Front Royal area who could help me out in person?
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  2. GarnerPW

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    Have your razor honed be someone who knows how to do it first. You can use it a possible a second straight to learn how to shave with a straight. Then after that get some cheap razors that you don't care about and learn to hone on those. The reason I say this is:
    1) Learning to shave with a straight is not the easiest razor to learn. Though anyone can learn to use it. It just takes time.
    2) When learning you want to remove all possible variables. One being how well you can hone your razor.
    3) If honed by someone else that hones razors you will learn what a proper honed razor will feel like and you will than have a point of reference for your own honing skills.
    4) DO NOT learn to hone on a razor that has value to you. There are countless razors that have been ruined whilst learning to hone.

    There are a few gentlemen on here that hone razors. Maybe one will offer there skills. Now with all that being said let me welcome you to The Shave Den. :signs046: We have a bunch of friendly straight users here and a great group of Wet Shaving enablers also. Stop by the Welcome Center and say Hi. There you can also sign up for this months Newbie Giveaway.
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    I wouldn't advocate attempting to learn straight razor shaving with the same razor being used to learn how to hone. There are just too many variables do deal with at one time for my taste.

    I suggest you buy a pre-honed razor and use that to learn to shave while you also pick up a few razors on ebay so that you can practice honing. It is a lot easier than it appears to ruin a razor while learning to hone. Therefore, I wouldn't do my first attempt at honing with a razor that I cared about.

    For a pre-honed razor I suggest going to whipped dog and picking up one or two of the "sight unseen flawed razors", The "flaws" will not affect shaving and Larry does an excellent job honing.
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    All good advice. I have learned the art at 69 and now carrying it on at 70. Glad to have you. Do check in at Welcome Center for a proper welcome.
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    Can you post a pic of your razor or a link to where it was purchased

    at the very least a brand name

    Welcome to the darkside
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  6. Bama Samurai

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    Welcome to TSD! You may want to consider the advice to get it done by a pro. Learn to strop and shave first, honing is a separate, though related activity.
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  7. Keithmax

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    Learning to hone takes time and you can’t learn to shave without using a properly honed razor. I recommend our own @gssixgun, Glen is a professional. He has honed several razors for me putting on an excellent edge.

    Learning to shave with a straight and how to hone it at the same time is a tall order. Try leaning to shave first then take on honing.

    Welcome to the dark side.
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