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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Old_Spice, May 17, 2022.

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    Hello Chaps !

    I won an auction at EBay (lot of 5) as of late I've been making little starter kits for some of me chums. Was wondering what era are these ? 1920's 1930's ???? Most have a logo on top one does-not, at any rate I think I'll make 5 new converts s-l1600.jpg s-l1600-1.jpg thumbnail.jpg
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    later 40s early 50s gillette techs.
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    tks for the info,
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    Any codes on the underside of the cap?
    For example, D 3 would put the make during the 3rd quarter of 1958.
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    They arrived today and most are in wicked nice shape (unused, thumbnail-3.jpg new old stock ????) I paid $20.oo for the lot of 5 & plan on giving them away as gifts. Well known scientific fact; even the worst DE safety razor is better than a modern cartridge ;)
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    Assuming they are not mismatched as long and they have no date codes those razors were all made sometime between 1947 and 1950. Both the style of razor handle and razor head don't show up prior to 1947 in this style. I can also say they were not military issue razors either since they never gold plated military issue stuff.
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