Injector & SE Party !!!

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Bird Lives, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. GAW9576

    GAW9576 Well-Known Member

    Yes. An injector razor with Open Comb and a similarly shaped SS or Brass handle would be fantastic.
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  2. clint64

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    June 16, 2021
    Feather Pro
    Shavemac Synthetic
    Cade L’Occitane Shave Cream
    Fine Fresh Vetiver Aftershave
    Guerlian Vetiver EdT

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  3. IAmTheJody

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    This thread is closed.

    Hi all. You may have noticed that we are doing some spring cleaning in the summer. The Safety Razors thread is a place to show various razors and discuss the razors themselves. It is not the place to post your daily shaves or unrelated posts. There's just way too much overlapping and redundant posting in this thread. Please post those in the new Injector and SE Shave of the Day thread which is located in the appropriate area. Also feel free to start a new injector and/or SE thread here in Safety Razors but keep it on topic of the actual razors themselves.

    Thanks all!
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