Injector & SE Party !!!

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Bird Lives, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. swarden43

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    You're first after me, Jeff. Derrell said it's on its way here. I'll give it a few spins around the block, wash her up, then send her on to you.
  2. stingraysrock

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  3. DClassic

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    Really nice Tom! A good find! Those are leatherette inserts!

  4. Hiya,

    Ran into a new to me injector blade recently and tried one this morning. Heh, I didn't have my usual 'control' shaving set up, so I'll need another shave to review it properly. Seemed nice and sharp though...........certainly better than the blades still being made.

    I'm guessing these packs are from 1970, since P3 is stamped on the injector key. There were 11 unopened packs of 11 blades each, so 121 total. The flea market seller was probably surprised anyone wanted those goofy things, and he offered the whole box to me for $2. Told him I'd think it over and walked......................hah! Just kidding! Yeah, that was the deal of the day.

    Hope you enjoy the pics,


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  5. battle.munky

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    Awesome Martin. Every once in a while a good score comes along and makes it all feel cheap again :happy097:
  6. DClassic

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    That was one special find and great deal! Saw them go for 50 ,60 bucks on the Bay. I use those, and they are one good injector blade. Want to get rid of a pack, I'll be 1st in line!


  7. stingraysrock

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    Fantastic haul of blades!
  8. Hiya,

    Thanks to the members for the kind words about my blind squirrel story. Yeah, once in a great while things work out ok. This particular flea market has been pretty lucky over the years, but it's still very hit or miss.

    An injector would be my first choice if I ever stopped using a DE razor. If that was the case, I'd ask someone like Bob to make a nice handle with some weight to it that would fit on the M type head. Now that would be fun to shave with.

  9. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    Great score on the blades. Have you seen Jeff's (stingray) custom handled G type (IIRC) crafted by Rudy Vey?

    He calls it Sir Grapefellow.
  10. Hi there,

    Heh, the E and G types are what I started out my injector journey with. Little bloodsucking vampire razors that didn't fit me at all.

    Nope. gimme the later models like the L type any day, although the M type adjustable is the best of all injector worlds.


    Here's my set up used this morning. This old Gillette blade's pretty darn sharp.

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  11. wyatt46

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    Dridecker sent me my first Gem SE and love the shave it delivers.
    Blade choice is critical with these SE razors. I found the new PAL blades harsh,
    Stick to the GEM's !
    A couple GEM's pictured below from my collection .

    My stock of Schick Injector blades is running low...
    if anybody see's some online please drop me a note

  12. Hiya,

    Since we're talking about SE razors like a Gem or Ever Ready, let me just say I don't get those things at all. Actually I possibly do understand why many people use's because of how they perform (I think). See, I can't even imagine what the attraction is, other than a great shave.

    Yeah, those things have never attracted me in the least, even after years of using DE razors and injectors. Oh, I need to say this post isn't any sort of attack on anyone or anything. Just showing the members another point of view is all.

    Now a lathercatcher is a little different animal and somewhat interesting to look at, but even those don't move me to actually use the ones I have. Heh, got some Gem blades in case that particular monkey makes itself known, but he's certainly not on my back and hasn't ever been.

    I know I'm missing out on something, but a SE just ain't for me. (except the injector).

  13. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    I was the same way until I received an OCMM as a PIF. My first shave with it was pretty rough, but it came around quickly and performed very well. What sold me was how it just knocked down my neck. On my second shave with it, I was able to match my best DE shave. I have tried some other SE variants that were just pretty miserable, but the Open Comb MicroMatic is just fantastic for me with Gem PTFE blades. I do have a lather catcher and it is neat, but the shave is nothing special in my opinion. Injectors just don't do it for me either.
  14. HoosierTrooper

    HoosierTrooper Steve-less in Indiana

    Wow, that is stunning! Great haul.
  15. bjmoose

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    Just did my first SE shave with a GEM Micromatic & GEM blade - a total BBS, but a few nicks in the process - not as forgiving as my DE's, but, man! what a shave!! Sorry, the picture ain't great, but it's the only one I have...


    I have recently acquired this Henckels set - thinking about trying it out soon, probably not with the Henckels blade, though - I don't think they're quite sharp enough. I think I'll use a GEM blade here, as well.
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  16. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Sweet! Glad to hear the MMOC work out well for ya!
  17. SharpSpine

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    Welcome to the AMAZING world of SE shaves. I had my first SE shave over a month ago and haven't touched a DE since. I'm sure I will, but I've just been enjoying the SEs so much. Yes, they do deserve respect. When wielded deftly, however, you won't get a smoother shave out of a safety razor. The OCMM is my favorite SE so far, though there are plenty more to try. That Henckels looks amazing. I can't wait to hear how it shaves for you. I, too, would use a modern SE blade.
  18. Hiya,

    Just wanted to mention using this old Gillette Platinum Plus blade for three shaves now. It's an interesting blade............seems very sharp, but not very forgiving. Yeah, I found out I need to pay more attention to detail with this blade. Heh, I even managed to give myself a little quarter inch long slice by just barely touching the injector to my face the wrong way. I'm not used to my injector acting like that.

    Next couple shaves I dialed the M type down to #3 (instead of my usual 4). That pretty much did the trick, but I still made sure to keep my focus. I'll use this combo till the blade dulls and call the purchase a success.


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  19. GDCarrington

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    That Henckels is one nice razor set!
  20. bjmoose

    bjmoose New Member

    Actually, I picked it up about a month ago from one of the members here.

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