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  1. PLAla

    PLAla Bit Shy of a Full Puck

    SOTD January 12, 2018

    Prep: Stirling mentholated pre-shave soap
    Blade: Treet/PTFE
    Razor: GEM G-Bar
    Brush: Omega 10049 boar
    Soap: Mitchell's Wool Fat
    Post: Witch hazel, Fine American Blend aftershave
    WTG, touch up

    Strange occurrence with the Treet blade. It felt pretty rough when I started the shave. Must have buggered up the edge somehow when I took it out after the last shave. Really odd. Switched over to the PTFE to finish out and that worked really well. Overall great results. Enjoy your Friday!

    SOTD 1-12-18.JPG
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  2. Jim99

    Jim99 Gold Water Shaver

    I used my Kampfe Star razor with a freshly honed wedge blade. I had a pleasant and decent shave.

    C45AFC06-1BF2-474C-A98B-1F26EC71B99B.jpeg 848C2095-4984-4EAB-8C88-4E49ECDB86E9.jpeg
  3. Linuxguile

    Linuxguile dating an unusual aristocrat

    Supporting Vendor
    SOTN January 12th

    Schick E2 Prototype
    Schick Proline B-20/ Personna
    Tallow + Steel Maya
    Ever-Ready H40

    Today I started off with the Proline E2 combo and was really paying attention to angle and pressure. First couple of strokes still felt rough so I swapped the blade out for a new Personna, world of difference. I don't know know if I did something to the blade after the first shave but I only got one good shave out of it.

    First time using Tallow and Steel 'Maya'. Super goop loaded it and was treated with a very creamy, shiny, slick lather. The scent on this soap reminds me off Mexican hot chocolate with a bit of lime to add some tang in the background. Lather was so creamy and goopy that I had to take a pic!

    Have a great weekend everyone!
  4. Jim99

    Jim99 Gold Water Shaver

    That lather is awesome!
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  5. Linuxguile

    Linuxguile dating an unusual aristocrat

    Supporting Vendor
    Thanks T+S really impressed me on it's first outing!
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  6. LuvWetShavin

    LuvWetShavin Well-Known Member

    Received this GEM push button the other day and took it for a test drive this morning. Very nice shave, i also have a GEM Junior that i really like and have shaved with often lately

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  7. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    Nice!! By Gem Jr. You mean a 1912?
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  8. LuvWetShavin

    LuvWetShavin Well-Known Member

    YES isn't that the same thing? The back side of razor head says GEM JUNIOR
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  9. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    It is. What we call the 1912 was made for a long time and labeled a lot of different ways. The Gem Jr. Was also a lather catcher. To tell between the two most of us SE guys say 1912 for those and GEM Jr. For the lather catcher models. But saying Gem Jr. For the 1912's marked that way is correct too.
  10. LuvWetShavin

    LuvWetShavin Well-Known Member


    Saturday's SOTD

    GEM 1912 Junior
    Maggard 24mm synthetic brush
    Proraso Single Blade wood/spice
    Fine Santal Absolut aftershave
    Wonderful 2-pass DFS that was super enjoyable .. i really love the GEM 1912 and the fat bakelite handle. Great start to my Saturday morning ... next up, shoveling all the snow we got here in central Ohio

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  11. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    January 13, 2018
    Colonial Razor “The General”
    Feather Pro (6)
    Thater Beehive White Boar
    Oleo El Caballero
    Captain’s Choice Bay Rum

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  12. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    Those baton handles are nice. I shaved with the treet version a little while back. I will dig up a Gem for tomorrows shave!
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  13. polishaver

    polishaver Well-Known Member

    British ER 1912/Gem ptfe (1)
    Rubberset 203/semogue 830 knot
    Blacktie Razor soap (casino royale)
    Victoria and Margaret AS toner
    B&M reserve fern AS

    This was my first shave with my newly-acquired British 1912. First impression was SMOOTH, especially with a fresh blade. I usually find the gem blades to mellow out after 2-3 shaves. This handle might be UK only as I've never seen one on an ASR model. Have a great weekend, Gents.[​IMG]

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  14. polishaver

    polishaver Well-Known Member

    Raised corners and different stamping, the corners of the head at the blade stops are wider also.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  15. LuvWetShavin

    LuvWetShavin Well-Known Member

    the mailman just dropped off this "Gem" a flying wing / PicsArt_01-13-06.07.58.jpg bullet tip .. appears it has never been used, i will be using it for tomorrow's shave :)
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  16. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    I have a set like that. Only it does not look as good. Enjoy the shaves!!
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  17. polishaver

    polishaver Well-Known Member

    I really dig the sun rays on the blade case!

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  18. John Ruschmeyer

    John Ruschmeyer Well-Known Member

    Between the sun rays and the "Guiding Eye", there's something almost mystical about it. Like you need to be in a secret society to use it. :)
  19. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    The guiding eye society?
  20. John Ruschmeyer

    John Ruschmeyer Well-Known Member

    Well, there's Guiding Eyes For The Blind, which is an organization that trains Guide Dogs. I was thinking more along the lines of the Illuminati, though.
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