Interesting note on zinc-aluminum alloys

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by gorgo2, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. gorgo2

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    So since the socket on my Clix fat handle is aluminum, I should have no problem re: galvanic corrosion given the aluminum content of the zamac head?
  2. Bookworm

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    The electrolyte, in this case, is the soapy water. If the grease keeps the two metals from touching at all, then it'll work. Heck, that might even be the main reason they plated the razors in the first place. A lot of zinc items were never plated, and they're still fine - like that handle of mine.
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  4. kfbrady

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    Not really. Zamak alloys only contain about 4% aluminum (2%-3% copper and traces of other metals). That leaves over 90% of it as zinc.
  5. gorgo2

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    In that case maybe the socket is zamac too. Can't quite tell but it's definitely not brass.
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    Ever find an old Mattel Hot Wheel that's been left buried outside in a sandbox, in the rain, for months or years? Look at the chassis underneath. Unplated zamac. And it's fine. Screws fail from iron-fisted over-tightening of the handle which effectively pulls the screw from the head or causes fractures that cause it to snap when dropped. Blue Tip Super Speeds have aluminum handles mated to brass components like the head and internals. No galvanic issues from the mixing of metals as they're still in use today after decades even after being in contact with the evil catalyst, water . This zamac issue is simply being repeated over and over because someone read about an infinitesimally small number of failures and continues posting about it to feel like a DE aficionado. At this rate we'll soon have to design our razors with materials that can withstand thermonuclear pulse. With a steampunk antiquated finish and aristocratic knurling at precisely 62.73 grams of weight, of course.
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    I used the merkur 25c long handle for at least 5 years and never had an issue, i was not overly cautious with it either. i still have it and it looks fine. I dont think the zink heads are as bad as everyone thinks, also if you buy a cheap knock off razor you probably shouldnt expect to pass it down to your children, these companies are not interested in their reputation unlike companies like merkur and muhle, but as with anything getting a bad product will happen from time to time, the most common issue i have read is the head breaking off after a drop, but that seems like it could happen to any of them. I also think some people clean their razors to much which could wear down the plating faster, if killing germs is your goal a fast dip in rubbing alcohol and a rinse is perfect, but some people are soaking, scrubbing and polishing after every use. With that said vintage non zinc models are plentiful so of it eases your mind then pick one up. These are just my thoughts and have never experienced breaking a razor, so my opinion is only based on my experience, its not any type of educated answer lol.
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    I also think like the article some products we use can be benificial and some can harm our razors.

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