Is it my razor??

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Ben Keller, Feb 21, 2023.

  1. Ben Keller

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    As I have stated I'm new to these safety razors and am currently using a King C Gillette that I love. However if I let my beard grow for 2 days it is difficult to get a good shave. I'm wondering if it's the razor?? Or is that just how it goes?
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  2. swarden43

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    I'll preface by saying I've never used the King C, but I have many razors and I have never had a problem with any of them dealing with a couple days growth.
    I doubt it's the razor, but I've been wrong before.
    Have you tried different blades?
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  3. Ben Keller

    Ben Keller Member

    Well that is the other thing I was thinking. I have a few other brands that I am going to try
  4. Primotenore

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    Article Team
    The King Gillette is a Muhle R89 clone. There is no reason this razor can't take down 5+ days of growth. Therefore, it's you.
    It's important to find the correct angle; stubble REDUCTION, not removal with one pass.
    Map your beard growth and make three passes.
    With the grain
    Across the grain
    Against the grain.
    Don't press.
    Lather up well between each pass.
    Imagine you're removing the lather, NOT the stubble.
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  5. wristwatchb

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    Hi Ben. It's not the tools. It's you. :)

    In my humble opinion, changing up your kit while you're learning is not helpful. Consider joining the 30 Day Rule/Focus thread led by @Trigger. I believe your shaves will improve greatly after following a 30 Day Rule.

    Have fun!
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  6. Ratpoison

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    There is a learning curve when first using a new razor. Needless to say DE’s are a much different animal. Give yourself time try different techniques. Once you get it down you’ll be golden. Just stick with it.
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  7. BBS

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    In the case in might be the razor and even if it isn't using a beard trimmer on the lowest setting first to get multiple days growth down is always helpful.
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  8. Ben Keller

    Ben Keller Member

    Thanks for all the advice!!! I'll stand pat on what I'm doing and take everyone's advice!! I really appreciate all the help
  9. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    100% in agreement with you Maestro.
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