Is it possible to shave without irritation?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by BIG SAM, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Primotenore

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    @BIG SAM
    Most TSD members are good natured shavers with a sense of humor and you will receive some terrific advice. But in the end, practice makes perfect. You'll get there.
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  2. DesertTime

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    Yes it is possible using all the suggestions already made. I'm curious, though, what setting are you using with that Futur? That razor can get crazy aggressive.
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  3. Bama Samurai

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  4. dustmite

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    I whole-heartedly agree. Changing razors, blades, soaps, etc. will just add to the confusion in developing your technique, which will lead to more problems and poor shaves. I personally don't recommend adjustable razors to new shavers for this reason...
  5. Kondor

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    Yes, it is possible.
    You only need a good technique and a lot of practice. And the right things...
    I just did it this evening: iKon B1 Slant, Astra Platinum, Saponificio Varesino «Manna 4.3» and karitè cream as pre-shaving.
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  6. Ijustmissedthe50s

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    That's about the most comprehensive, we'll put together list of causes I've seen. We could all prob use that as an "each shave" checklist.
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  7. Redfisher

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    Don't get carried away with it. It's just a shave.
  8. Terry Williams

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    I shaved with an electric for 40 years before I started exclusively wet shaving. Since, I worked from home for a number of years, I would not shave with my electric for several days. I ended up using Edge gel and a Gillette Mach-whatever (1 billion??) on those days when the growth was too long for my Norelco. The cartridge razor shaved fine and I never noticed anything in particular. I do recall some razor burn, but nothing horrible. I just didn't really like it. It was drudgery. I switched from my electric to DE wet shaving about 18 months ago. I love it. I look forward to it. I wake up and get ready for my day with a shower and a shave and I miss it when I don't shave. That said, this hasn't been an easy transition for me. I burned my face pretty good with soaps that didn't agree with me and razors that aren't great for beginners. DE shaving takes practice to do so without pain and injury. But, stick with it. The warm lather and the glide of a good blade with a good razor cannot be topped. Practice, practice, practice. Do the 30-Day Rule. Then do a 30-Day Focus. Learn to ride the cap. Use materials that don't burn or irritate your skin. Don't overdo your shave; the fewer passes the better. Learn to live with a little stubble while you are learning. Don't shave against the grain, at least, until you can shave without nicking yourself or scraping the blade. It will take time to figure all of this out, but it is worth it. Keep at it. It's just a shave and there WILL be irritation until you get good. But, when you figure it out, it will pay you back in spades and you won't look back.
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    Article Team
    ^ this, 100%.
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    Well said
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  11. Kilgore Trout

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    Yes. You can shave without irritation.

    You are probably shaving too much.
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  12. SpeedyPC

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    If you really want a normal BBS shave everyday ready for work, just used the Muhle R41 used either a Perma-Sharp Super or Voskhod blade only shave WTG twice. Some wet shavers can used the Muhle R41 everyday going WTG & XTG, they never go ATG at all this will give you irritation. Because the Muhle R41 will give you the closest shave which will give a normal BBS, but not a real close BBS this could lead to irritation.
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    This is probably the best advice you will get. Good luck.
  14. PickledNorthern

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  15. swarden43

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    I believe BBS is BBS, there is no differentiating between "normal" BBS or "real close" BBS.
  16. Eeyore

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    Indeed. I think the definition of BBS is "no remaining stubble whatsoever". If you run a cotton ball lightly across your face and there are cotton fibres sticking, it is not a BBS shave.

    Edit: by the way, BBS is too close for some people, leading to itching and razor bumps.
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  17. BIG SAM

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    I love your post and can relate to it in many ways.Thanks for the help and encouragement.
  18. hamoncan

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    I'm a guy who always had irritation. I like reading these forums but I don't get as hardcore as it tends to sound at least reading the posts. I mostly just use a mild blade like an Astra SP and an easy shaver like a Krona or a Super Speed. Two easy does it passes with the grain with some nice shave cream. Nearly always an enjoyable, irritation free, blood free shave. Using an Alum block post shave (rinse off afterwards) seems to help a lot too.

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  19. hamoncan

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    PS - shaving every 2nd helps too if you don't mind skipping a day

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    SABOTEURw Active Member

    The Futur is the only safety razor I've ever owned.

    (Beauty store DEs don't count).

    I purchased it because it was adjustable (!!!), with the goal of acquiring a close shave. Didn't know anything about "traditional" shaving at the time so I wasn't familiar with terminology of shaving or how to correctly use the razor. Over time I discovered these forums and learned much that improved my shaving technique. There are other things, however, that don't make sense.

    One of those things I find hard to accept is the practice of labeling razors "aggressive". Though I understand the technical definition I still find the label misleading. Had I read about "aggressive" razors prior to purchasing the Futur I would never have purchased it.

    Objects of themselves are nothing other than what we label them and/or use them for. Objects cannot do anything independent of the user. It stands to reason then that the Futur (or other razors where a large blade gap may be selected) cannot be aggressive. They CAN, however, be used aggressively. Looked at from this perspective it becomes clear that the user might benefit from adjusting how to use the razor.

    I didn't understand this initially and I suffered the consequences of my ignorance. My limited budget denied me the luxery of experimenting with different razors so I practiced and read and practiced and read until I learned how to use the Futur correctly.

    "Apply no pressure" is a valuable yet largely underappreciated piece of advice. I think it's because most everyone THINKS they're applying no pressure until they actually DO it and experience what it feels like. Proper lubrication, applying no pressure and selecting the correct angle are key to consistently close, comfortable shaves.

    I use the Futur on all but settings 1 and 2. I shave with glycerin soap, Cremo and/or shaving oil. The settings I choose during my shave depends on the angle I use and how close I want to shave.

    Real simple...

    ...but it took me months of practice to master consistently getting the shave I like.
    The most important thing, it turned out, was learning how to use the Futur less aggressively.

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