Is tallow based better?

Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by Rob206, Jan 14, 2019.

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    Maybe the reason tallow is touted as better is because they have been around longer. Personally I like tallow based soaps more. High concentrations of glycerine do not agree with me. Not saying that all veg soaps are high, I just like tallow more. So tbh, it's all preference.

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    Just saw this. Rod from Sterling told me that he only sources organic, sustainably grown palm oil, which is awesome.

    The palm oil thing is real and it’s problematic. It’s in everything. Try finding a food product these without it. I tend to avoid it unless I know that a rain forest wasn’t leveled to grow it.
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    Personally I don't care for the way tallow soaps 'globs up' as you're rinsing it away, they're just all about tremendous stability/volume/cushion['stack height'] and to get these traits in my opinion they always give away a notch of maximum slip/wet/soft feeling after the shave that comes from the almost-always-palm-based vegans. Wish I'd paid more attention in 10th & 11th grade chemistry to know why this is universal.

    Here in the US we have a few high end 'artisanal' shaving soaps based on either donkey milk or caprae lac (goat) and I've tried all the brands I can find for their tallow based options - they simply do not have the slip of the palm or even no-palm/tallow Euros I've used which employ those same fats, but the Euro soaps are a constant fuss versus the tallow stuff you whip up once and it stays as put for many minutes. Being a straight razor user, however, I'll trade stable for slip/wet.
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    Of course not ... principles are fine, as long as they don't cost money ;-)

    And the whole thing about future generations is that we're not around then anymore ...

    But yes, the threat of deforestation is real (and it is a shame that we relentlessly chop away the living space of orang utans for instance, and destroy the other living creatures and plants in the area). However, there are no simple and painless solutions, so I am afraid we'll just look back in fifty years (well, not me, but my kids and grandkids) and wonder how "they" could let that happen.
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    Funny one. ARKO rules.
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