Italian Margarita Recipe

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  1. Carson West

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    Guys, I make a cocktail that seems to be loved by everyone. I thought I'd post the recipe here, in case you'd like to try one.

    Alcohol has always been a great social lubricant, and three ounces of liqueur in everyone's glass really relaxes and loosens everyone up. Here's the recipe for one drink.

    One and a half ounces white (Blanca) tequila. Hornitos is good, as is Costco's house brand. Or you can get fancier.
    One ounce Cointreau.
    One half ounce Amaretto DiSaronno (That's what makes it Italian).
    Three ounces of Lefty O'Doul's Margarita mix (That doesn't sound Italian, but it's the best. I get it at a BevMo).
    Ice, I add eight cubes.
    Blend until ice is slushy.
    Add a slice of orange and an umbrella for the lady's, and they'll love you forever.
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    Nice and simple.
  3. BigMike

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    You'll like it better without the store-bought mix. Just squeeze 3 Key limes, or 1 1/2 regular limes. Rub a spent lime shell around the rim of a coupe glass and salt it.

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