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    Hey guys, so i know i promised the review on Thursday, but i felt i needed at least two shaves with this razor before writing a review on it.
    Received this razor from the UK, my aunt picked it up on Amazon, and she brought it back with her from the UK and it was gifted to me by my grandma as a birthday present.

    The Jagen David E0-1 is a very very good value for money 3 piece razor. Its built out of brass with a chromed finish, a finish which is absolutely flawless too.

    Ive seen lots of speculation on other forums about where this razor is made, many people say its a re branded Chinese one which i highly doubt, because the quality of this razor is top notch.

    Shave 1: worst shave of my life.( Not the razors fault 100% mine.) I applied the same pressure i do with my piccolo and aristocrat which have short handles on a longer handled razor which caused a lot of weapers because handles act like a lever increasing the applied force. Also this razor weighs between 25-30 grams more than a fatip or aristocrat.

    2nd shave: After learning my lesson from the first shave, i applied less pressure and boom, a BBS shave after two passes. A great great great razor that comes with a travel case too!.

    Overall thoughts: the Jagen David is a great and relatively mild shaver especially if you like longer handles.

    Its very heavy, the build quality is top notch, and the base plate is the thickest on any one of my razors.

    The only flaw i could find is that the handle screws on quite roughly the first couple of times you take it apart.

    This has nothing to do with build quality, i think it has more to do with the chrome on the thread which wears away gradually after use and after taking it apart 5-6 times its way smoother than it originally was.

    Overall, id definitely recommend this razor to those in the UK who want a high quality razor cheaper than something like a merkur.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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