James Johnson-Double Thumb Notch-Rescaled In Pressed Horn

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  1. Timwcic

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    This was found in a box of blades at the flea market. A James Johnson (1818-1853), 6/8 Silver Steel near wedge, sporting a double thumb notch’s but no scales. Other than age funk, it is in respectful condition. I was going to make scales, but decided to look thru my donor draw of sacrificial victims. Glad I did. Another rescue from years ago that I forgot about will make a perfect donor. Someone tried to rescale a meat chopper that was way to big for its shoes and its heel came out past the bottom, ouch. The scales are pressed horn embossed with “silver steel” and “celebrated razor”—— perfect marriage. The usual sanding and polishing to the steel and horn. The scales came out better that I ever expected. Some dry fittings plus a few tweaks to have the blade fall in the center and YEAH BABY!!!

    A4177417-332F-46F3-99BF-38FBA8EF8BFD.jpeg 67C409D9-696F-4B2C-9B81-667F0C7357E2.jpeg DA5D8CB8-FD2F-4463-9414-4DCC9A6ECA6C.jpeg 567DFE26-9597-4C50-A004-ECDB4F8471AD.jpeg 6B138CD5-CF29-4728-9D01-C47E87FC625C.jpeg 7243BAC5-3B4A-47FE-A712-8E0FFCE21790.jpeg 1D2D19E4-F747-4BB0-9AD0-F8591AC802A0.jpeg BC0F0B48-9882-4EA5-AA84-361FBB3FAEEC.jpeg
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    Very nice job. Great save, with the scales.
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  3. Timwcic

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    Thank you. I have several other SR with pressed scales, but these are the best——so far
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  4. Keithmax

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  5. TestDepth

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    Great call on the scales and a beautiful result!
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  6. brit

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    beautiful looking razor..
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    Thank you Gents
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    Nicely done. Looks great!

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