January 2016 30 Day Rule/Focus Pic&Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Shave School' started by Bama Samurai, Dec 31, 2015.


What is your preferred brush bristle-type?

  1. Badger

    29 vote(s)
  2. Boar

    17 vote(s)
  3. Synthetic

    16 vote(s)
  4. Horse or other

    4 vote(s)
  1. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus Staff Member

    Straight versus Stick

    At this point in SR, who ya got?
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  2. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus Staff Member

    It's a counterintuitive body move (rolling on spine versus edge) that is not hard to understand, but tricky to do smoothly. So far, so good.
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  3. NCoxSTL


    Straights are more comfortable to learn than the stick. Although I'm eager to get my kamisori ready to go and compare it to the straight.
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  4. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus Staff Member

    Hmmm....hollow ground?
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  5. Marverel

    Marverel Well-Known Member

    You, Sir, sound like an enabler to me. Can you say Pandora's box? ;)


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  6. Marverel

    Marverel Well-Known Member

    I smear - works best for me. I also tried what some people recommended: apply some cream to the tips of the brush. Made a real mess with it ;) But hey - you should try every method to figure out what you like. They all work, some better than others.
  7. wristwatchb

    wristwatchb wristwatch "danger" b

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  8. Marverel

    Marverel Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone - my Sunday shave:

    - Portus Cale Black Edition
    - WD High Mountain Badger
    - Merkur 15c
    - Polsilver SI (#3)
    - Tüff sensitiv Rasierwasser

    Picture from the manufacturer's website

    I ordered a sample of that Portus Cale Soap a while ago at shavedash.com and used it only once since then. I thought it irritated my skin, but I wanted to give it a second chance now. Well - as much as I want to like it, I can't. Which is a pity, because it lathers easily, offers very good protection and slickness and the scent is absolutely fantastic. I'd go as far as to say this is the best smelling shaving soap I know. But it seems as if some ingredient does not agree with my skin - after the shave my face felt pretty tense and a little itchy.

    On the plus side: that's one more soap I don't have to buy :)

    Other than that, today's shave was actually a very good one. Looks like XTG and ATG is the way to go with the Merkur 15c. Two passes with some minor touchups resulted in a mostly BBS face - very nice. And apart from the irritation caused by the soap everything else was fine, no burning from the Aftershave.
    Have a great Sunday :happy088:
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  9. TomJ89de

    TomJ89de Well-Known Member

    Finally a good shave with the 1924. I made a perfect, plentiful lather with macca root, it really is very slick. And I approached the angle with the technique @clint64 suggested, keeping it flat and dropping the handle to find the sweet spot it worked great. I didn't chase the baby as I'm just after a DFS with no head butchery for now. The funny thing is I ended not far off BBS. Absolutely no sting from the alum and finished it beautifully with my new Turkish lemon cologne. I had very little hope for the A/S given it cost £4 but it's really fresh and my whole house smells of lemons. It took me back to my Turkish shave years ago which was my intention. Today's shave just proves the value of this group and the people in it. I've yet to post a problem that someone can't advise on and help me remedy thanks to all :happy088:
  10. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    You are off to a great start.
  11. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    Welcome aboard. I am looking forward to your posts on the new Blackbird DE.
  12. Bill_F

    Bill_F Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard our 30 Day cruse! We're glad you could make it! :happy005:
  13. Drygulch

    Drygulch Snowballs

    Supporting Vendor
    What do you mean? That wasn't enabling. This is enabling:

    If you want to try SR shaving, but don't want to pay for a strop and razor to find out if you will like it or not, let me now. I would be happy to loan you a set for a month.
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  14. Bill_F

    Bill_F Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on a nice shave! Glad it was what you were looking for! :happy088:
  15. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    You are on the right track with the weight of the razor. It's a big heavy thing for sure. Like you suggested just let the weight of the razor do the work. I've also found that ATG passes work better for me with my grip on the handle closer to the head. It seems to help remove the urge to add pressure.
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  16. Bill_F

    Bill_F Well-Known Member


    Phoenix Double OC
    Lord Platinum Class (1)
    Vulfix Super Badger (660)
    Mitchell's Wool Fat
    Georgetown G12 Scuttle
    Pinaud Clubman Original


    First shave with my Phoenix DOC loaded with the Lord Platinum Class. 2 full passes: Pass 1 XTG. Very good reduction. Pass 2: ATG. Very good reduction also, followed by my normal amount of touch up. A cool water rinse and after a lot of touch up, I realized I just wasn't going to catch the baby today. The Pinaud Clubman stung, but not as much as it did last week. I had enough lather left over for at least a couple of passes.

    A nice comfortable near BBS from the Phoenix DOC and the Lord Platinum Class. Both passes were very smooth, provided very good reduction and gave me a DFS. Today's shave was much more audible than I can remember hearing before. Now I know what you've been talking about. While my main passes seem to be very close and comfortable, for some reason I still haven't been able to catch the baby. I’ll give it another go tomorrow.

    I hope everyone has a great Sunday!
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  17. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    Glad it worked out for you. The angle will become second nature shortly but if it starts to go astray you can always use the technique described to get back on track quickly.
  18. Marverel

    Marverel Well-Known Member

    That is very generous of you :) :happy088: I appreciate it, though it might lower my resistance even more.

    I have some other stuff to try for the next few months but I might actually get back to you on that someday...
  19. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

  20. TomJ89de

    TomJ89de Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the kind words

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