Joke Telling in the Future

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    I was bored today so I used my Time Machine.

    The year: 2123
    The Place: The Comedy Club

    I parked my machine, and decided to go to The Comedy Club. I bought a ticket for 3 million cobblebots.

    Gerri SignField walked onstage.

    "132", he said. The audience laughed a bit.

    "178", he then said. That got a few more laughs. But I was really confused, so I confided in the guy next to me that I was a Time Traveller.

    "For efficiency, comedians just call out jokes by number, rather than telling the joke. It works rather well," he told me.

    "Oh, I see", I replied, but I was still a bit puzzled.

    On stage, Gerri smiled and said, "1045."

    The crowd roared, they couldn't catch their breath. Neither could the guy next to me, but when he composed himself, I asked him about that one.

    "What's so funny?" I asked.

    "We've never heard that one before!" he replied.
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    I had heard a similar joke, only taking place in a jail.
    An inmate would call out a number, everyone would laugh.
    The new inmate was curious and asked his cell mate.
    "We've all heard the jokes so many times, we've numbered them to save the time."
    The new guy decides to give it a go, and shouts out, "Forty Three!"
    "What gives?" the new guy askes his cell mate.
    "Some can tell 'em. Some can't."
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    I heard the joke a long time ago -- all I remembered were the numbers and "we haven't heard that one before," so the context of it I just made up before I posted.

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