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    I, too, am comfortable with comfortable. Max - ever heard of the adage; "Never let a woman come near your neck with a sharp object."? :(
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    I have (anonymously and by a different name and post office box) sent razors to be honed by most of the 'honemeisters' on these forums...many have returned blades that felt sharper to me than the blades honed here, but none have ever been able to shave me where my entire face feels like a proverbial baby's butt in all directions of rubbing. Suffice it to say my belief in magic hones or honers has waned.

    The only time I've ever felt 100% BBS + 0% irritation is when I paid for a shave in Turkey and brought a specific barber razor with me as a gift to the barber, but that was using a DE blade, and all the laborious hot towel preparations, and of course the enormous barber's advantage of being able to have my shoulder 2' off in space and changing the angle of your beard/strokes in relation to the floor below your feet. Gimme all that stuff and a 'shavette' and my sensory input and I like my chances, but not with a 'real' straight.

    I don't think a conventional straight can do it on my face, not without corresponding irritation anyway (the blade honed by Shapton 30000 did remove hair that efficiently but also left me all cut up, whereas the barber in TU got that result and not a drop of red).

    So, I happily accept that ~85% of my face will be 'BBS' and better than all comers, the rest is very comfy, but still not 'BBS'. Definitely not as close as the best of DE efforts every time; in fact on the tough areas there's no doubt the DE routinely gets closer with little effort. However, it is fun using the real thing, and the skin feels great every time...no so all of the time with the DE in the tough zones, a wee bit of irritation is what I expect if I'm going to go down/aside/against the hair growth in the tough zones. Some of the time, the whole face will be better than all other self administered options tried, with a large majority of it 'BBS', even at middle age with a beard that can no longer be denied the title of coarse. That's a pretty darn good result.

    This 'every.single.time' stuff, no way they have my beard and skin. There's a customer local to our shop that's Israeli and in his 20s and his chin/neck zone is absolute barbed wire coming out like a hurricane pattern...that guy is not getting BBS and 0% irritation no matter what he tries on this Earth, in my opinion. Stinks to be him!
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    Wish I could like more than one time . Well stated. :signs107:
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