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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by william beer, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. william beer

    william beer Well-Known Member

    Saw that the King Cobra is on sale. Also, I remember seeing some disconcerting posts regarding customer service, etc. Just wondering what the thoughts are out there on buying this razor?
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  2. Straight razor dandy

    Straight razor dandy Stuck cleaning the house himself PERMANENTLY

    I don't feel that the king cobra is worth the money, even on sale. Companies don't put things on sale because they are flying off the shelves. They do it because they can't get rid of it.

    Average shavers at best. Looks like an old school vacuum cleaner. Overpriced.

    Get a timeless razor instead. They are terrific shavers and look gorgeous to boot.
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  3. william beer

    william beer Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback.
  4. lloydrm

    lloydrm Well-Known Member

    The early versions are fine razors. They keep showing on sotd pics and many owners keep using them. I too am doubtful about the deep discount, particularly after the very well justified complaints. The one case I know in detail was a KC owner buying a backup, which tells you something about the earlier version of the razor.
  5. Slipperyjoe

    Slipperyjoe Rusty Metal Tetanus

    Not crazy about the look either. The Mongoose line gets pretty good reviews these days and now there's the Mingoose that takes regular injector blades...
  6. Kypros Christodoulides

    Kypros Christodoulides Well-Known Member

    I always wondered about the king cobra whether is a good razor or not, but that was in the early days where there was very little competition. Now with all the offerings available, I think a first generation SE is not such a good proposition anymore unless one is collecting.
  7. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

    I own a Classic Cobra and King Cobra. They are my favorite Feather based razors hands down but they are form the early production runs. Given the bad press they have received lately you are taking your chances. You rarely see the older versions for sale.
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